Genshin Impact has seen the addition of new ascension materials: Spectral Hearts, Spectral Husks, and Spectral Nucleus. These can be obtained after players kill Specters on two islands in Inazuma.

Our guide will instruct you to find Genshin Impact Specters, their weaknesses, how to defeat them, and collect their materials.

Our guide will help you know where to farm Specters, Specter Genshin weakness, and how to defeat them.

1. Specter Genshin Impact location

Players can find Specters on Seirai island and Watatsumi island in Genshin Impact.

Specter locations on Seirai island

The first spot to farm Specters is Seirai Island. The map below has all locations for you to head to.

There are plentiful Specters here and they spawn in a group of 2-3 mobs. Although this makes defeating them quite dangerous if you are on a low level, the process remains worthwhile as you can take them out in a short time.

Seirai Island Specter Locations
The Specter Genshin Impact location map on Seirai Island.

If you are on Seirai Island to farm the Specters, stay alarmed of the Amakumo Peak which has lighting and thunderstorms that can strike you down. There are also other quests to complete on the island such as Seirai Island Rotating Cube Puzzles, so pay attention to make things smoother for yourself.

Specter locations on Watatsumi island

On Watatsumi Island, head all the way to the west and you’ll find the farming route for Genshin Impact Specters.

Watasumi Island Specter Locations
You can head to these Watasumi Island locations to find these floating enemies.

2. How to defeat Genshin Impact Specters

One of the reasons why it is irritating to fight Specters Genshin Impact is that they float and hover in the air.

Recommended characters

It is hard to reach specters if you use characters who wield claymores or swords. They might be hit at best with certain bursts or skills, but using catalyst or bow wielders is better. Diona, Klee, Fischl, or Ganyu can deal with these mobs in no time.

For the unknown, Specters have three elemental affinities. They are immune to these elements: Anemo, Hydro, and Geo; and when they take damage, they will be stronger and bigger until they actually explode and die.

Instead of sword and claymore users, using catalyst or bow wielders will make defeating these creatures much easier.

Specter Genshin weakness

There are some minor issues that players will encounter.

Most of the projectiles from Genshin Impact Specters tend to strike directly at your character. Also, they do not die right away when their HP is out. They may explode and leave an AoE behind that causes damage. Therefore, it is better to wait a few seconds before you come to pick their drops.

They are also very easy to defeat, although you will want to prioritize using Elemental Reactions to deal heavy damage. Even if they do not attack much, these Specters do have high HP and defense.

Genshin Impact Specters
Specter element affinity

3. Genshin Impact Specter drops

Genshin Impact Spectral Husk is a new kind of Ascension material introduced in the 2.1 update. Players can get it as one of the drops from Specters.

What the Specters drop will depend on your world level as well as the Specter level you go against.

  • Spectral Husks (Specters under level 40)
  • Spectral Hearts and Husks (Level 40-60 Specters)
  • Hearts, Husks, and Spectral Nucleus (Level 60 or higher Specters)

Some Specters can drop from two Husks and more along with Spectral Hearts. This makes up for the limited number of these enemies on the island. As Specters are not Elite monsters, these normal enemies will reset in 12 hours after you defeat them.

In fact, Genshin Impact Specters are the only enemies that give you these Spectral items. They are in need when you want to ascend Sangonomiya Kokomi or Aloy. You also need them to craft the new weapon called The Catch.

Meanwhile, you can use an Alchemy Table to create higher rarity drops. It takes the player 3 Spectral Husks to craft one Spectral Heart and 3 Spectral Hearts to make one Spectral Nucleus.

4. Genshin Impact Specters annoying fact

The topic of how Specters in Genshin Impact annoy players has surfaced ever since their release. They are said to be “the worst enemy in the game by a long margin” so far. A Reddit user has pointed out the details that make Specters such a pain in the neck.

  • They float
  • They have ungodly stun resistance
  • Anemo characters cannot take them as they will just keep floating away with Anemo storms.
  • They are basically mini slimes.
  •  They explode once players beat them.

Players seem to find it hard to keep their cool as this enemy type float away every time and “you can’t do anything about it”. Moreover, they don’t get stunned if you are not fast enough to launch attacks.

Every new enemy in Genshin Impact has more health, stagger resistance, and mechanics that surprise players every time. They despise Specters probably on the same amount with Samurai, Geovishaps. Some even consider fighting Hilichurls and Treasure Hoarders more fun as fighting them feels like you are throwing the enemies around with your damage and reactions.

Redditers have set up a conspiracy theory on why Inazuma enemies are annoying. They said fighting Specters is irritating if the player does not have missile mages like Yanfei or auto-attack archers like Yoimiya. What miHoYo seemingly tries to do when creating these enemies is to build up players’ incentive to pull and invest more on these non-free characters.

Genshin Specters
Many Reddit users find Specters the most annoying enemy to fight so far.

Do you find Specters annoying? Share with us in the comment section below.

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