The expansion of Inazuma in Genshin Impact is still on the roll and players all around the world are thrilled with the addition of new and colorful characters.

From the fireworks enthusiast Yoimiya, the art of war expert Kokomi, to the Electro Archon Baal, we have had almost everyone this season.

Meanwhile, Itto Genshin Impact is going to join them with the one goal: To take down his rival Kujou Sara and take back his vision. Here’s everything we’ve known so far about this upcoming Oni character.

Arataki Itto Fanart
An Arataki Itto fanart

Itto release date in Genshin Impact

No confirmation has been made regarding the release date of Itto. However, some leaks pointed out that the character will venture into the game a little while after the 2.4 patch releases.

The earliest prediction for Itto release date is around December 2021 or early January 2022. As there are some more patches to launch, hang tight until the official release of Itto Genshin Impact.

Through the words of Genshin Impact characters, Itto is a tall and big man with two horns. He may look scary, but on the inside, the man is actually a kind person who likes to play with the local kids.

Itto Genshin Impact abilities

The skills that Itto owns have only surfaced via leaks instead of any official sources. A datamine has revealed a number of details about the billboard-loving character.

There are references to “ghosts” as a part of Itto’s Elemental Burst. He would also have some “extra attacks”.

Itto Abilities
Some leaks regarding Itto abilities.

Meanwhile, Itto seemingly has a 4-hit attack combo and is likely able to summon a ghost of himself or switch between forms while fighting.

These are all just speculations, so we need to wait for the accurate information later.

Itto weapon in Genshin Impact

The kit of Itto Genshin Impact has been confirmed by multiple popular leakers, saying he would be a Claymore wielder. Considering how he is described as an Oni of some sort and has a big personality, this leak does sound reliable.

On another hand, whether he will get a special weapon as a 5-star or would have to receive some 4-star items remains raveled.

Itto Genshin Impact story

At the moment, the main point in Itto’s plot is that he and Kujou Sara had some serious beef. For the unknown, Sara was on the frontlines for the Vision Hunt Decree of Raiden Shogun.

Itto Vs Sara
You can see Itto challenging Kujou Sara on many bulletins.

Through several Inazuma bulletin boards, he can be seen challenging the General after she allegedly stole his vision and ruined it in the Decree. Itto is waiting for the leader to eventually take on his fight offers after she has knocked them back in various ways.

Sara Voicelines About Itto
Kujou Sara's voice line also includes information about Itto.

Upcoming Genshin Impact updates will disclose about Itto’s build and backstory. Make sure you keep it up-to-date with our articles.

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