Genshin Impact Aether is one of two main characters in Genshin Impact. He is the male Traveler and brother of Lumine who is on the adventure to find his sister back. Here are all about this character and some common questions about him.

Aether And Lumine
Aether is on the way to find back his twin sister, Lumine.

1. Profile Of Genshin Impact Aether

Aether is one of the two main characters in Genshin Impact. He is Lumine's twin brother. Here are some other details in his profile that you may want to know.

Genshin Impact Aether Age

Aether is 15 years old. He is a young boy who is on an adventure to find his twin sister back. After you create your account and choose Aether as the main character to travel in Teyvat, you will be sent to the coast of Mondstadt. Then, Paimon will accompany Aether in the adventure and give him useful information during the adventure.

Genshin Impact Aether Height

Aether is 5'4" or 164 cm. He is a little higher than his twin sister Lumine who is 158cm. He has medium height among Genshin Impact players. His height is in the middle of the list. The main character is short and small enough to avoid some laser attacks of Hypostasis bosses. Besides, he can sprint to sneak through low and small holes inside underground tunnels.

Aether Traveler
Aether is a little higher than his twin sister - Lumine.

2. Genshin Impact Aether Best Build

Aether is a powerful supporter. He has three elements for you to choose from, including Anemo, Geo, and Electro. If you create the account before the Inazuma update, you can only choose between Geo and Anemo elements. You can make him a powerful supporter if you choose the best weapons and artifacts to build him.

Aether Traveler Sword
Aether is a skillful sword user with powerful slashes.

Genshin Impact Aether Sword

Aether Genshin Impact is a sword user. Iron Sting is the best sword for this Geo character with a base damage of 42. Besides, it increases the Elemental Mastery by 36. It increases the Elemental DMG by 6%. Alternatively, you can use the Festering Desire or Sacrificial Sword. Both of them have a bonus effect of Energy Recharge.

Iron Sting
Iron Sting is the best sword for this character.

Best Artifacts For Aether

Firstly, Viridescent Venerer is the best artifact set for Aether Genshin Impact if you choose the Anemo element for him. This artifact helps increase the Anemo DMG Bonus by 15%. Or else, you can use the Noblesse Oblige set or Gladiator's Finale set instead.

Viridescent Venerer
Viridescent Venerer is the best artifact set for Anemo Aether in Genshin Impact.

If you select the Geo Traveler, you should obtain and equip the Archaic Petra set for Aether. He will gain a 15% Geo DMG Bonus with this artifact set. Alternatively, the Noblesse Oblige set and the Gladiator's Finale set are also good choices for him.

Archaic Petra
Archaic Petra is the best artifact choice for Geo Traveler.

Finally, the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set is the best choice for this Electro Traveler. It helps increase the Energy Recharge by 20%. Besides, Thundering Fury and The Exile sets are two alternative choices for this character. The male Traveler can gain an Electro DMG Bonus of 15%.

Emblem Of Severed Fate
Choose the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set for the Electro Traveler.

Aether Best Team Build

Aether can play as a Sub-DPS and a supporter in your team. Here are some recommended teammates for Aether in Genshin Impact.

  • Anemo Aether: Klee, Hu Tao, Fischl, Xingqiu, and Chongyun. Anemo skills and bursts of Aether can increase the area of effectiveness for other characters' elements. He helps Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro DPS to apply their elemental effects on a larger scale. Then, it increases the AoE DMG of Elemental Reactions.
Genshin Aether And Friends
Aether can  help Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro DPS to apply their elemental effects on a larger scale
  • Geo Aether: Zhongli, Diluc, Razor, Noelle, Xiao, and Bennett. His Geo element can react with four DPS elements, including Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro to create the Crystalize reactions. Aether is a useful supporter. He will spam his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst to increase the Geo Damage. It will resonate with Zhongli's Geo attacks to create a large area of Geo DMG.
Aether And Xiao
Aether can support Xiao with his Geo elemental attacks.
  • Electro Aether: Hu Tao, Yanfei, Childe (Tartaglia), Kazuha, Diona, and Jean. Electro Aether is an excellent energy supporter. He can co-operate with his teammate to make powerful reactions with Hydro, Cryo, and Pyro characters. After Aether applies his electro effect on the targets, his teammate can use elemental burst to deal more damage to enemies.

If you haven't got those characters, save up Primogems to purchase fates and get them from Wish Banners. Or else, you can use alternative characters with the same elements.

Electro Traveler
Electro Traveler can play as a sub-DPS in your team.

3. Common Q&A About Aether

Genshin Impact players have some questions about Aether. Let's go to find the answer to these questions here.

#1. Is Aether stronger than Lumine?

In fact, Aether and Lumine Genshin Impact have the same power. They do not have differences in elemental statistics. Therefore, Aether is not stronger than Lumine.

As Aether is taller than Lumine, Aether runs and climbs faster than his sister. However, he is not as nimble as his twin sister. Lumine has faster attacks than Aether.

#2. Is Aether the Canon MC?

Either Aether or Lumine is Canon MC in Genshin Impact. You need to select one of them to follow the story of the game and talk with NPCs during cutscenes when you do quests or commissions.

Aether And Lumine Are Canon Mc
Both Aether and Lumine are Canon MCs in Genshin Impact.

Those are all the details you need to know about Genshin Impact Aether. This male character is very useful in supporting DPS characters.

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