Released not long ago yet the plot of Genshin Impact has quickly gathered many talks. With a vast world and many unsolved mysteries, players can make countless different speculations and hypotheses. The list of Genshin Impact theory, although hard to believe, is expected to become true by the fan community.

Honkai Impact Genshin Impact
A theory suggests that Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact share the same universe.

1. Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact have the same universe

This theory exploded even before Genshin Impact was officially released. The resemblance between the unidentified goddess in the early game and the Herrscher of Void in Honkai Impact is where all the speculations began.

Some of the character designs are also inspired by Honkai Impact, such as Venti and Wendy, Raiden Shogun and Raiden Mei, or Yae Miko and Yae Sakura. The latest leak also suggests that Genshin Impact Yelan is connected to Fu Hua in Honkai Impact.

What's more, miHoYo often reuses character designs from previous games, so for Honkai and Genshin, fans believe that the two games share a common universe.

One of the most convincing pieces of evidence for this theory is when Otto Apocalypse - the main antagonist in Honkai Impact, found an image of the dragon Dvalin in the Imaginary Tree.

Dvalin In Honkai Impact
Dvalin appears in Honkai Impact.

2. Lumine or Aether is the final boss

Most likely, the final boss that the player must encounter in Genshin Impact is the lost twin brother/sister of the Traveler. Many people have tried to connect the events of the main plot and have assumed that, after a long time apart, Lumine and Aether will turn against each other.

Genshin Impact Traveler theory comes in various forms, but the majority is more inclined to at least one of them being evil.

Lumine Aether
Genshin Impact Traveler theory: Lumine or Aether can be the final boss in the game?

3. Albedo will lose control

This Genshin Impact theory includes Albedo, the Chief Alchemist with a mysterious past. At the end of the Dragonspine quest, Albedo wondered if the Traveler could stop the havoc if one day he lost control and destroyed everything.

Many consider this a harbinger of the future where Albedo would actually go rouge or turn himself into a villain. The hypothesis that good characters switch to the dark side is considered a popular Genshin Impact lore theory.

Albedo Lose Control
The Traveler will probably have to confront Albedo, which is not something fans wanted at all.

4. Kaeya is a secret villain

Kaeya is another character with a complicated background. He is the adopted son of the Ragnvindr family, but his true identity remains unclear.

Many fans believe that Kaeya is related to the land of Khaenri'ah that has long been destroyed by the gods. Some even suggest that Kaeya is still working as a spy.

This theory has very little chance of coming true, but even so, many people keep hoping that Kaeya is a secret villain that they will fight later.

5. Paimon is Unknown God

The Unknown God is the source of many important events in Genshin Impact. After being separated from his twin by the Unknown God, the Traveler awakens in Mondstadt and encounters a stranger being named Paimon a few months later.

Despite her cute appearance and lively personality, Paimon still raises doubts among fans. Genshin Impact theory Paimon is consequently on high discussion and has been there for a long time. 

genshin impact theory paimon
The theory that Paimon is an Unknown God or the weakened form of the Unknown God is believed by many fans.

The gods in the game are all named after the demons of Solomon: From Barbatos, Morax, to the Baal and Beelzebub twins. Paimon is also one of those demon names, so does this mean she has anything to do with the gods?  This theory of Paimon is actually the Unknown God has even turned into a popular joke and meme in the GI community.

6. Celestia is evil

In Genshin Impact lore, Celestia is chalked up to be the source of an Archon’s authority. The noblest people went there, like Mondstadt’s Vennessa.

However, many fans speculate that Celestia may not seem as good as it is. A lot of evidence also supports the idea that this place is the hidden den of evil rather than the Abyss Order.

For starters, many Archons in Teyvat seemingly have a strained connection with Celestia. In the manga, Venti avoids the topic of Celestia. Likewise, Raiden Shogun has cut her ties with the region while the Tsaritsa's agenda was causing a "rebellion against the divine."

A Genshin Impact theory suggests that Celestia imbeds something evil instead of godly as ever praised.

Moreover, the land is viewed in the eyes of Genshin Impact scholars as playing a role in historical events, such as the Archon War. All of these clues make Celestia’s reputation quite fishy.

7. The Fatui have good intentions?

Many factors are ambiguous when it comes to the antagonists of the game: the Fatui and the Abyss Order. Players have pointed out that there may be some detour as the story proceeds, especially in regards to the Fatui’s real intentions.

The most popular Genshin Impact theory, in this case, suggests that the Tsaritsa is indeed attempting to fix Teyvat by fighting the evil forces the Traveler has not been aware of. Whether it is the Unknown God or Celestia she is locking horns against, it is true- in case this theory is correct, that the Tsaritsa needs Gnoses to have the power that helps her fight for good.

The Fatui
Are the Fatui really the bad guys or do they actually have good deeds?

Meanwhile, there are plenty of explanations for why she started her rebellion against the divine. Most commonly, they say that the motive of Tsaritsa has something to do with the Cataclysm. This event took place 500 years before the start of Genshin Impact.

It was reportedly after this occurrence that Tsaritsa changed her personality, from a sweet goddess to an unforgiving and inhospitable one.

8. Alice is in another dimension

For the unknown, Alice is Klee’s mother. She is apparently not in Teyvat and multiple hints from different characters have partly described her personality and influence amongst them. Aside from giving birth to Klee, she also plays a big part in Teyvat’s culture as she wrote the Teyvat Travel guide.

As Klee said, Alice departed 3 years ago and went to “somewhere far and dangerous” before she met the Traveler. This resulted in fans speculating that the lady may be in another dimension and has yet appeared in the main story of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Alice
Klee's mother - Alice, is in another dimension?

In the current version of the game, fans can find Alice’s crumbs in a limited-time event. They heard her voice in a recorded message she left for her daughter during the Midsummer Island Adventure event.

9. Players will get to the Abyss

Abyss in Genshin Impact is a mysterious location that is closely related to Khaenri'ah. It lies outside the normal range of space and time. According to the game, it has a connect to an ocean, although the nature and physical characteristics of the Abyss are unclear.

In the future, fans believe that players will be able to discover Abyss as the other sibling of the Traveler is the leader of the mysterious force Abyss Order.

The Abyss Genshin Impact theory
It would take years before the secret of the Abyss is revealed. Until then, hopefully, we'll discover what the Abyss really is.

10. Teyvat is a hollow planet

This Genshin Impact theory is quite popular on Reddit and Facebook. Accordingly, a Genshin Impact lore theory suggests that Teyvat is a hollow planet. It is based on the long-standing hypothesis that humans are living on the surface of a planet, but deep within the earth of another world has yet been discovered.

Teyvat Hollow Planet
Teyvat is a hollow planet?

The reason players believed in the "Empty Teyvat" is due to an event in the 1.1 version. The 6th Executor, Scaramouche, stated that the sky was only "a lie".

Therefore, they assumed that the sky we see is just an illusion or a product of God, maybe even the entrance to the Abyss.

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