Genshin Impact is a universe with loads of mysteries. Anything in the game can be enigmatic, not excluding its roster of characters. While the myth behind each character is gradually being out in the open, Genshin Unknown God remains a huge question mark.

Very little is acknowledged about her except that she has a resentment to settle with humanity, and she sealed the realm-telepathy abilities of the Travelers as part of that reason. Multiple theories about this antagonistic Unknown God have been pointed out by players, and you can check them all out here.

The Unknown God Genshin
Who is the Unknown God in Genshin Impact and what secrets are waiting to be unveiled?

Genshin Unknown God name

Genshin Impact Unknown God called herself the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles without revealing her real name. However, Reddit users looked at Genshin Impact game files and revealed that her name might be “Asmoday”.

She is labeled with this name in the opening cutscene and it’s an alternative form of the Asmodeus demon name. Her official name can be “Asmoday, Sustainer of Heavenly Principles” or something similar.

Genshin Unknown God Name
Asmoday Genshin Impact could be the Unknown God's name.

However, Genshin Impact gods and Teyvat factions usually do not have just one name. Besides the official titles, they also own a pseudonym in case they aspire to stay lowkey. An example is Anemo Archon Barbatos, aka Venti.

Genshin Impact Unknown God Paimon link

Paimon appears to be the protagonist’s self-proclaimed best bud. However, most players are suspicious of her genesis considering different variables. Despite the plenty of time we spend with this mascot, she never revealed where she came from.

Though no confirmation has been made, there’s a possibility that Paimon is related to the Unknown God, even is the God herself. Why?

1. Paimon & the Unknown God look alike

Paimon and the Unknown God bear several physical resemblances, which raise doubts in the community and lead to Genshin Impact theories:

  • White hair
  • Same gender
  • Gilded accessories and a dark scarf/cowl around their neck

Moreover, Paimon’s hairpin has the same star shape as the space rift from which the Unknown God appears.

Paimon Hairclip
The hairpin is one of the multiple similarities between Paimon and the Unknown God.

Fans speculated that Genshin Unknown God is weakened after the Travelers' fight, making her "shrink" into Paimon size.

2. Paimon’s abilities

It’s easy to spot that Paimon’s knowledge of the world is far more than what a little girl can know. It seems possible that she has lived longer than many Genshin Impact characters themselves.

The game mascot might be a fairy of sort or even one of the Archons as she can freely vanish then appear, and float around seamlessly.

Her ability to hop through space is also similar to the Unknown God. These theories sound appropriate, but we will need time until they are confirmed.

Unknown God Genshin Impact Honkai connection

While the theory of Paimon and the Unknown God seems quite a stretch, another popular lore says this God may actually be a character from Genshin Impact’s sister game, Honkai Impact 3rd.

In detail, she looks strikingly like Kiana Kaslana when the latter is the Herrscher of the Void. As you can see in the picture, the similarities between them are quite noticeable which indeed gives the theory some merit.

Unknown God Genshin Impact Honkai
Unknown God vs. Kiana Kaslana in Honkai 3rd.

In fact, this is not the first time we can see the reported proofs for the shared universe of the two titles. The most prominent instances are Raiden Shogun – Raiden Mei, Genshin Impact Pyro Archon - Murata Himeko.

Either way, it is an intriguing theory and we may know more after several updates arrive.

Genshin Impact Gods & Paimon mysteries

Each Archon in Genshin Impact and Paimon may not be what they seem.

In the game, players need to choose one of the twins to be their counterpart while the other one goes missing. When they finally reunite, the lost sibling became the Abyss Order’s leader for some unknown reasons. It feels pretty appropriate for the Traveler's lost brother/sister, an angelic-looking being, to go against gods named after demons.

In fact, Genshin Impact gods and the Heavenly Principles were responsible for the destruction of Khaenri'ah’s ancient human civilization.

Genshin Archons
Many mysteries remain around Genshin Impact Archons.

The Seven Archons that the Traveler befriends actually have a dark past with violence that players are not fully aware of. With this in mind. Paimon’s possibility to have a darker past is not impractical.

All in all, we still have a long way to explore the storyline of the game before reaching the end. The angel-like sibling of the Traveler urges us to go on and complete the journey to unravel the truth. Even if Genshin Unknown God may not be Paimon, the theory of a demon god watching every move of the player is still menacing.

Let’s keep it up-to-date until we can finally find out the truth about the Unknown God and Paimon’s identities.

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