Shadows Amidst Snowstorms is one of the ongoing events in Genshin Impact. However, there’s not much time left and players only have 7 days to complete the remaining challenges.

In the recent phase, Act 3: A Secret Born From Ashes, the last missions for mini-events Born of the Snow and Dragonspine Special Training have been unlocked. For Born of the Snow, you will need to build the Genshin 4th snowman which is the last one in the collection. But many fans are struggling to find its location as it’s not as straightforward compared to the previous snowmen.

See our guide to learn about the 4th snowman location Genshin Impact and how you can create it.

Build Snowman Genshin
Where is the 4th snowman in Genshin? Take a look below to find it instantly.

Genshin Impact 4th Snowman location

Players can only find the Genshin 4th snowman after completing Story Quest Act 3: A Secret Born from Ashes. This quest can be started as you head to Albedo's campsite in Dragonspine.

In case you can’t remember the whereabouts of Albedo’s campsite, you can open the quest menu, click the Navigate option on the screen’s bottom right corner. Genshin Impact will open the map and let you see the way you need to go.

Snowman Location
Completing Story Quest Act 3: A Secret Born from Ashes will grant you the last snowman.

After having done this Story quest, players can return to the same spot where they have previously crafted the three snowmen close to Snow-Covered Path in Dragonspine.

There, you will find the torso of the Genshin 4th snowman that you have to complete. Choose the “Build a Puffy Snowman” option and start crafting the last snowman of the event.

How to build a Puffy Snowman in Genshin Impact

Apart from knowing the 4th snowman location Genshin, you will need multiple components before being able to create a snowman. The required materials are:

1. Snowman Head

2. Snowman Hands

3. Snowman Hat

4. Snowman Scarf

5. Snowman Eyes

6. Snowman Nose

Snowman Components
Here are all snowman parts that players can get from completing Combat Training, Tracker Training, and Albedo Story Quest.

You can obtain these snowman components by completing Combat Training and Tracker Training in Dragonspine Special Training. In detail, you can gain 4 Snowman Heads by completing the first and second challenges of Tracker and Combat Training.

Meanwhile, the remaining components can be collected after you melt all Ice Crystal Piles in the Tracker Training. There’s no order for which component you will get, so make sure to melt every ice pile in order not to miss any of them.

Build Puffy Snowman Guide
Click "Build a Puffy Snowman" to make the last snowman.

Once you have obtained all components, teleport back to the Snowmen location near Snow-Covered Path, Dragonspine. Interact with the incomplete snowman from the “Build a Puffy Snowman” prompt and choose the appropriate parts for each section. Lastly, don’t forget to save the progress to complete your snowman.

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