Genshin Impact Lingering Malady is an interesting and easy quest in Mondstadt. You only need to find three posters and a Billboard scattered around the City of Mondstadt. Players will have a chance to see this beautiful city from rooftops. Here are three Lingering Malady poster locations and a Billboard location you may want to know.

Explore Mondstadt
You can explore Mondstadt City from high places.

I. Lingering Malady Poster Locations

To unlock this quest, players need to talk to Aramis roaming around the Church in the City of Mondstadt. He is a member of Knights of Favonious who is finding three missing posters and a Billboard having flown away in the storm in Mondstadt. But he cannot climb to the rooftops because of his weak knees.

Glide Around The City Of Mondstadt
Glide around the City of Mondstadt to find missing items.

Traveler and Paimon will help the knight find missing posters on the rooftop. Here are four locations of missing posters and Billboard you can find them from.

  • The first poster is on the rooftop of the Alchemy building. It's near the right teleport waypoint in this city.
  • The second poster is near the edge of the quest area, near the Knight of Favonius. You can climb to the top of the Windmill and look around to spot a glim on a nearby rooftop.
  • The third missing poster is on the rooftop of the general goods shop right in the center point of the quest area. It's easier to spot the glim and reach this point from the high city wall.
  • The Billboard is near the northern edge of the quest area. You can find it on the castle wall.

You should glide around from the left teleport waypoint on the high castle wall. The spots of missing posters are marked by glims.

Lingering Malady
Three Lingering Malady poster locations and a Billboard location

II. Genshin Impact Lingering Malady Rewards

After reporting the Lingering Malady quest result to Aramis, you will get several rewards, including:

  • 100 Adventurer's EXP;
  • 20,000 Mora;
  • 6 Hero's Wit;
  • 3 Northern Smoked Chicken dishes.

It's very easy to get these rewards. Moreover, you have the chance to explore this stunning city from high places. This is one of the easiest quests in Genshin Impact. Though it does not give players many exclusive or luxurious rewards, you need to complete it to unlock other World quests coming after this quest.

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