Orobashi no Mikoto, also known as the God of Serpent Genshin Impact, was an ancient god defeated at Yashiori Island a long, long time ago. Oborashi’s remnants can be seen across the island with the skull located at Serpent's Head. In case you have not known, its lingering power created Tatarigami, a phenomenon that can cause natural disasters and drive people in Yashiori insane.

While the Serpent Head Genshin Impact has been there for who knows how long, many lores surrounding the giant god still intrigues players. To clarify who killed the Serpent God and everything related to it in the game, take a stroll through our examination below.

Orginal Electro Archon
Original Electro Archon killed the God of Serpent in Genshin Impact.

Who killed the Serpent God?

The giant God of Serpent Genshin Impact was slain by the original Electro Archon way after the Archon War and before the rebellion in Sangonomiya.

Fans have sparked debates over whether Raiden Shogun was the one who killed the Serpent, but the Sangonomiya Chronicles says it was Raiden Makoto. She was also the Archon who fought in the Archon War and unified Inazuma.

God of Serpent Genshin backstories

1. Why Serpent God was killed

For many years, Orobashi and the current Baal at that time co-existed with Watatsumi Island and the Narukami leaving in peace. However, Orobashi suddenly attacked Yashiori island without warning. The original Baal had no choice but to put the God down as it had no chance to return.

In the aftermath, its ominous skull rests in Inazuma’s 3rd island chain. The skeleton size alone already indicates how massive this Serpent God was. Its size is similar to that of Liyue monsters such as Osial.

Serpent Head
Serpent God was killed as it triggered war with the Narakumi, protected by Baal.

2. Watatsumi worships the Serpent God

According to history, the God fled from an unknown place to the abyssal nation Enkanomiya in the Dark Sea and found “abandoned people” living at the bottom of the sea. The Serpent God rescued them from the mercy of the Dragonheir of the Depths and sacrificed its power coral to create the Watatsumi Island so they could live on the surface again.

For how Orobashi saved and protected them, Watatsumi people, including Sangonomiya Clan’s bloodline, vowed to worship it immensely. Electro Archon slaying Orobashi gained resentment between the people of the two sides.

God Of Serpent Genshin
Orobashi was a powerful being.

3. Is Kokomi a God?

Kokomi is the heir to Sangonomiya's bloodline, taking over the title of Divine Priestess – the ruler of Watatsumi island. Although it is believed that Kokomi and Orobashi have a connection, facts indicate that she is not a God among The Seven.

Is Kokomi a God?
Sangonomiya Kokomi is not a God, but the princess who rules Watatsumi.

Orbashi Legacy Genshin pillars

Orobashi's Legacy questline is one of the Inazuma quests players have to complete to progress further in the game. Completing the task will also help you have more insights into the God of Serpent.

1. How to start Genshin Impact Orobashi's Legacy

Start the prologue by talking to Kaji. He will send you around to three different shrines on Yashiori island to do tasks involving puzzle solving and enemy defeating. Doing this will help you recover Rock Pillar Warding Stone and Rock Pillar Pearl.

2. Solve the first Narukami Pillar puzzle: Fort Fujitou

  • Use Elemental Sight to find lost components, one of which will require unlocking a water dome after completing a puzzle.
  • Interact with Sacred Stone Mounds and Thunderbearer Mirrors.
  • Defeat a Nobushi: Jintouban and a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder.
  • In order to collect the materials, you will have to put on the Narukami Pillar from the shrine.
  • Return to Kaji to tell him your progress.
Fort Fujitou
The first puzzle is not too complex.

3. Solve Second Narukami Pillar puzzle: Serpent's Head

  • Defeat a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder at Serpent’s Head.
  • Use Elemental Sight to spot the next dome.
  • Defeat enemies in Rock Pillar Warding Stone.
  • Once done, return to the Narukami Pillar and hand over the materials.
Serpents Head
Serpent Head Genshin Impact puzzle solution.

4. Solve the third Narukami Pillar puzzle: Jakotsu Mine

  • Complete the puzzle before recovering materials in Jakotsu Mine.
  • Defeat a slew of anemies such as Electro, Hydro Abyss Mages, and Electro Monuments.
  • Use an Electrogranum to go through this stage, gather the Rock Pillar Ward Stone, and come back to the pillar to place the materials.
  • Return to Kaji to update the progress and start the last part of the questline.
Jakotsu Mine
Solve all Orbashi Legacy Genshin pillars to get grand rewards.

5. Last Narukami Pillar puzzle: Fort Mumei

  • Defeat Maguu Kenki to approach the pillar.
  • Take the the Rock Pillar Pearl from atop the Narukami Pillar and the Rock Pillar Warding Stone from behind it.
  • Hand in the materials and report back to Kuji.

As you have solved all puzzles involving Orbashi Legacy Genshin pillars, the quest is over and you are granted the Echo of Fury achievement, 220 Primogems, 170k Mora, Kitain Cross Spear, 1,350 Adventure EXP, and 18 Hero’s Wit.

How to get Genshin Impact Serpent Spine

To get the Serpent Spine in Genshin Impact, you have to reach Battle Pass Level 30 and unlock Gnostic Hymn.

In another way, you can also buy Battle Pass Levels through Gnostic Chorus. Purchasing Gnostic Chorus or Gnostic Hymn and reaching Level 30 are essential to get the BP Bundle, which lets you choose a four-star weapon from a small list that includes Serpent Spine.

Genshin Impact Serpent Spine
Serpent Spine is one of the best 4-star claymores in Genshin Impact.

Serpent Spine is a claymore that often shows up beside God of Serpent’s name although they bear little to no connection besides the relation to snakes. The Serpent Spine best character would be any DPS claymore user like Noelle, Chongyun, Razor, Beidou...

Some players consider it an amazing weapon thanks to the CRIT-centric stats, even better than the popular Wolf's Gravestone at some points. However, others may think otherwise as obtaining this weapon requires spending money.

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