The Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event in Genshin Impact is kicking start and players have to meet some requirements first. One of these prerequisites includes completing Albedo’s Story Quest “Traveler Observation Report”.

Players will have to make a special dish for the Alchemy prince called the Sunshine Sprat. Of all the required ingredients, salt’s way of obtaining is a little different. So below is how to get salt in Genshin Impact to help you complete this mission.

Albedo Salt
Players can head to these locations to get salt in Genshin Impact.

How to get salt in Genshin Impact

Players cannot find salt scattering around the open world or process salt like with several other ingredients. Instead, you can get salt by buying it from one of these three shops:

  • Mondstadt General Goods
  • Second Life
  • Tsukumomono Groceries
Second Life
These three stores are the only way players can get salt in Genshin Impact.

For those who wonder where to get salt Genshin Impact, the General Goods shop is in Mondstatdt, the Second Life shop is at Liyue Harbor, while Tsukumomono Groceries is based in Inazuma.

These stores all sell salt for the cost of 60 Mora each. You can get 100 salt maximum in one go and they restock it daily.

It is good to stock up on this material as it is needed to process ingredients like Bacon, Smoked Fowl, and Ham. Moreover, it is essential in many other recipes in the game.

Salt Genshin
You can purchase 100 salts maximum each time.

Besides Sunshine Sprat, some Genshin Impact food that needs salt to craft are:

  • Unagi Chazuke (3-star DEF dish)
  • Black-Back Perch Stew (3-star recovery dish)
  • Zhongyuan Chop Suey (3-star stamina dish)
  • Golden Crab (4-star DEF dish)

How to cook Sunshine Sprat for Albedo in Genshin Impact

Now that you have known how to get salt in Genshin Impact, you can make Sunshine Sprat Genshin for Albedo with these steps:

1. Learn the recipe

When Albedo asks players to cook a dish of Sunshine Sprat for him he will give them a recipe. Open the inventory or head to a cooking station to learn it.

Sunshine Sprat Genshin
Sunshine Sprat Genshin Impact recipe.

2. Make sure you have all ingredients

A Sunshine Sprat Genshin dish can increase all roster members’ Shield Strength by 20-30% for 200 seconds. The needed ingredients for a serving are:

  • Butter x3
  • Fish x3
  • Salt x1
  • Small Lamp Grass x1

We have known where to get salt Genshin Impact following the above guide. Now, you can process butter from two milk containers. Fish can be caught at any body of water, but they gather the most in fishing spots near the coastline and ocean.

Meanwhile, you can find Small Lamp Grass mostly in Mondstadt, around Galesong Hill, Windwail Highlands, and Starfell Valley. You can refer to the Interactive Map to grab as many as possible.

3. Cook Sunshine Sprat

Cook up the perfect Sunshine Sprat and give it to Albedo to continue the questline.

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