The epic game title Genshin Impact of miHoYo has indeed had an impact on players around the world with their interesting gameplay and unexpected storyline. Besides, its plethora of characters also gain plenty of admirers for the game.

In the new banner, Albedo and Eula were already making frenzies while Itto made fans scream for his killer physique.

Apart from Gorou, players are also excited about the possible arrival of Gorou’s mother, Ms. Hina. However, things are taking a surprising turn regarding the real identity of Genshin Impact Ms Hina.

Ms Hina
Is she Gorou's mother or is there anything else further than that? Who is she?

Who is Genshin Impact Ms Hina?

Genshin Impact Miss Hina was leaked on Twitter for the 2.3 update.

Taking hints from her leaked image by Lumie and Genshin Intel, many assumed that this “waifu” is Gorou’s mother. The artwork presented her as the female version of the upcoming 4-star character.

Miss Hina
The previous leaks suggested that Miss Hina is Gorou's mom.

Fans instantly fell for her with reasons being beyond her cat ears or cute eyes. Although the supposed Ms Hina Genshin Impact may be donning a dress and having long luscious hair with plenty of curves, she still strikingly resembles Gorou. That's why fans speculated that the two have a biological connection.

However, you may also be stunned by her real identity, much like Arataki Itto in the near future.

Genshin Impact Ms Hina true identity

1. Miss Hina is not Gorou’s Mom?

Ms Hina Genshin Impact is a columnist for That’s Life magazine of Yae Miko. People can send in queries to this magazine for advice about their issues in life and the columnist will answer with words of wisdom.

In fact, this magazine is also where Gorou works as an anonymous columnist. In Gorou's hangout event, it's also revealed that he can dish out advice for his troops. Somewhere along the line, Yae Miko roped the pup general into posing as an advice-giver for her famous magazine.

All of these imply that Miss Hina is Gorou. There is no mother here.

Gorou Miss Hina
Rumors have been all around saying Gorou is indeed Miss Hina.

This theory comes from Honey Hunter World and was shared on the Twittersphere by Childe_txt. The thread further unveiled that Itto submitted to this magazine and even has a huge crush on the supposed Miss Hina.

2. Genshin Impact Hina Inugami origin

Before the shocking revelation of Miss Hina’s identity, many hints pointed out that “she” could be an Inugami. These creatures also appeared in Japanese folklore like Tengu (Sara) or Oni (Itto). The Inagumi is another staple folklore usually used in anime and has yet been seen in Inazuma.

Overall, the Inaguma depiction in anime is quite different from the legends in history. In anime, Inagumis are alluring women donning kimonos, acting as merchants.

Genshin Impact Ms Hina
Genshin Impact Hina Inugami origin may have to be reconsidered as Miss Hina is probably not an existing character.

Itto - Ms Hina Relationship

Miss Hina and Itto have an odd connection. People in Teyvat quickly fell for the wise, kind (imaginary) lady soon after Miss Hina's column went snowball. And one of the biggest fans happens to be the arrogant, soft-centered Itto.

What seems to make it even more hilarious is that Itto has signed up for an in-person meet and greet with the lady, revealed by Honey Hunter World. A cut-scene in the 2.3 version also shows that Miss Hina has a passionate fan club.

In an in-game dialogue, Itto said,

"If you ever have something on your mind, you can always try writing in to “That’s Life” magazine’s advice column. Ms Hina always manages to come up with an encouraging and heartwarming response for all her readers. Just look at me – I used to be a lost soul, but not anymore, and it’s all thanks to her. Oh, that reminds me, I managed to sign up for one of her upcoming meet-and-greets! I’ve been counting down the days – wish it would go faster."

Itto Ms Hina
Will Itto have a meet-and-greet with his huge crush? We have yet imagined how that could turn out.

How Itto never got suspicious of how Gorou and Hina look alike will always be beyond belief.

Genshin Gorou release date

The release date for Gorou along with Arataki Itto is December 14, 2021.

This time is when players should expect the story regarding Gorou, Itto, and their secrets to be unraveled. Gorou Genshin Impact leaks suggested that it will start unfolding when players reach Friendship level 5.

Gorou has Shiba blood, shown by his fluffy tail and ears. In his dialogue, it's revealed that his troops believed rubbing his ears will bring good luck.

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