Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot has updated a new realm layout named Silken Courtyard. There are four realm layouts now. Let's find the best Teapot realm layouts and learn how to switch realm in Serenitea Pot here.

I. Genshin Impact's Teapot Realm Layouts

There are four realm layouts with different themes. Here are all details of these realm layouts in the Genshin Impact Housing System after update 2.3.

Realm Layouts
Four realm layouts in Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot.

#1. Floating Abode

Floating Abode including four large islands in the sky. You will have a beautiful view over the sky with clouds drifting and bobbing under your foot. As you are above the sky, there is no day and night circle like other realms. It uses a Liyue Estate with a large interior. Four floating islands of this layout are:

  • Windchill Isle: unlocked at level 1;
  • Cloudrest Isle: unlocked at level 5;
  • Smoke-Sailing Isle: unlocked at level 7;
  • Ever-mist Isle: unlocked at level 9.
Floating Abode
Floating Abode

#2. Emerald Peak

Emerald Peak also uses the Liyue Estate like the Floating Abode layout. Four islands in this layout are on high mountains. You can also see clouds drifting around mountain peaks. Genshin Impact players also unlock four islands at levels 1, 5, 7, and 9 in the Trust Rank. Four beautiful islands of Emerald Peak are:

  • Spring Peak;
  • Summerchase Peak;
  • Autumnhold Peak;
  • Winter-sweep Peak.
Emerald Peak
Emerald Peak

#3. Cool Isle

Unlike two previous realm layouts, Cool Isle has a Mondstadt Mansion that has the largest interior. Especially, this mansion has a very spacious interior on the second floor. Besides, Cool Isle has a unique beach theme that gives players a coastal vibes feel. Four areas you can build and decorate in this layout are:

  • Pearl Isle;
  • Conch-Court Isle;
  • Mirage Isle;
  • Letter Isle.

You also unlocked these regions at levels 1, 5, 7, and 9 in the Trust Rank.

Cool Isle
Cool Isle

#4. Silken Courtyard

Silken Courtyard is the latest and hardest realm layout to unlock. You have to reach level 40 at the Sacred Sakura Tree. This new realm layout also has four regions to unlock at different levels in the Trust Rank, including:

  • Kasumi Shoal;
  • Madoromi Island;
  • Sakurazaki Island;
  • Nodoka Terrace.

This realm layout has eight songs that haven't been released yet. Silken Courtyard has an Inazuma-theme layout. It has both mountainous and coastal floors to build and decorate. But this layout has the smallest interior.

The best realm layout depends on your preference. If you prefer the beach theme, Cool Isle is the best option to start building. Meanwhile, many players prefer Floating Abode due to its sky theme.

II. How To Switch Realm Layout In Genshin Impact

To switch realm layout in Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot, you need to go to unlock at least two realm layouts. Then, follow these steps to switch between them.

  • Go to Tubby in front of your main house and talk to him.
  • Locate the option of "Switch Realm Style" in the Menu and select it.
  • Select the realm layout you want.
Switch Realm Layout
Switch realm layout here.

Then, you will be transported to the realm you chose. Keep in mind that you have to reach Trust Rank 8 to unlock another realm, Trust Rank 10 for the third layout, and Sacred Sakura's Favor level 40 to unlock Silken Courtyard.

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