Over the past year, Genshin Impact has extended its span with 42 playable characters, three elemental nations, the Dragonspine, limitless weapons, enemies, and more. With this load of content yet the game’s lifespan sees no end. At least 4 more nations will be introduced in the forthcoming years and players will be much more occupied compared to now.

Meanwhile, it’s now widely known that Sumeru – the Dendro region, will soon arrive in Genshin Impact. Fans are expecting the new additions to the character roster including Cyno.

The most important detail about this character is that he has a strong connection to the game’s future story. Although not much has been revealed about this character, we can still learn a bit about him here. From Cyno Genshin Impact element, release date, to gameplay, take a quick look below.

Cyno Genshin Impact
What's Cyno age and when will he be playable?

1. Who is Cyno Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Cyno is a scholar from the region arriving after Inazuma, who is sure to make an appearance as the Traveler travels through Sumeru.

Cyno Background

Cyno is a student from Sumeru Academia located in the land of Wisdom. Lisa also did her studies here, proving that this place is full of gifted students and teachers. Cyno first appeared in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview that miHoYo showed before Genshin Impact's official release.

Cyno and Collei
Genshin Impact Cyno is a scholar from Sumeru Academia in Sumeru.

Moreover, those who focus on the in-game tale may have overlooked his appearance in the Genshin Impact webtoon. He shows up in the Webtoon to defend his friend Collei who needs help on his adventure through Mondstadt.

Cyno Appearance

Cyno is a young bloke with red-orange eyes, tan skin, and medium-length silver hair. While much is concerned about Cyno Genshin Impact element, players also spotted some interesting details about his costume.

Cyno And Anubis Mythology
Cyno's outfit reminds players of Egyptian culture and Anubis mythology.

The inspiration for this outfit comes from the traditional Arabic clothes, the same source for the culture in his region. Players can sense a similarity between his outfits and those from ancient stories like Aladdin or One Thousand and One Nights. On another hand, his headstock is more oriented to Egyptian.

In Genshin Impact, fans have seen the ties of characters to different mythologies. While we saw a connection between Jean and Gunnr/Hildr in Norse mythology, Itto and Oni in Japanese mythology, Kujou Sara and Tengu mythology, it is pointed out that Cyno may be linked to Anubis mythology.

Mythology Genshin
Other Genshin characters and their connection to worldwide mythologies.

Cyno Genshin Impact age

At the moment, no data has been revealed regarding the age of Cyno.

His personality, meanwhile, is tied with these descriptions: distant, concise, and composed. Although he does not seem emotional, Cyno is a brilliant character who’s pretty interested in Fatui’s strange experiments.

2. Cyno Genshin Impact element

No official information about Cyno Genshin Impact element is available at the moment. However, there are two opinions on which vision he may hold.

  • Pyro, because there’s a red jewel attached to his belt.
  • Dendro, because he comes from Sumeru nation – the Dendro region.
Cyno Genshin
Cyno might have Pyro or Dendro vision.

We will have to wait a bit more until there’s an official statement.

3. Cyno Genshin Impact gameplay

In the Webtoon of Genshin Impact, Cyno uses magic and spell to protect his friend from harm. But in the trailer, he can be seen wielding a polearm.

Typically, Genshin Impact has its magic master using catalysts. But whether Cyno will be a catalyst wielder remains uncertain.

If we must assume Cyno Genshin Impact gameplay based on what we have known, he may have elemental bursts that seal opponents. Thus, he might be able to weaken their elemental attacks while applying "Crystallize" elemental reaction on enemies, giving the player elemental shields.

Cyno Fan Art
We will update his gameplay as soon as possible.

4. Cyno Genshin Impact release date

Cyno has appeared in both the manga and the Story Preview, which means he will be a playable character in Genshin Impact at some point in the future. The high chance is Cyno will be made available when the Sumeru nation is released.

Although his appearance is scheduled to be during the Sumeru chapter, the release is likely very far off. We hate to break this to you, but at this point, even Cyno Genshin Impact element is ambiguous and of course, so is his arrival. Gamers are just starting to get used to the Inazuma story and it would take a few more patches before any content for the new region begins.

However, the character is known to travel around the story a lot and he may pop up during your travel. Chances are he will show up in an event, same as how Scaramouche appeared earlier.

We just need to keep an eye out until the introduction of this enigmatic Sumeru student comes true.

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