Sublime Spicewood is a new teapot realm in Genshin Impact 3.2. Hoyoverse introduces many new features. It's easier to unlock than the Silken Courtyard realm. Check out how to unlock this new teapot realm here.

Sublime Spicewood Teapot Realm
Unlock the new Sublime Spicewood Teapot Realm and start to build your Sumeru houses.

I. How To Unlock

Sublime Spicewood is a stunning Sumeru-themed teapot realm. It's not very difficult to unlock this new realm. You have to complete these two tasks to unlock it.

  • Complete the sub-archon quest "Secret of the Scorching Desert" in the  Archon Quest Chapter III;
  • Buy a Nature's True Fruit from Tubby that costs you 1000 Realm Currency.

Then, you can unlock this beautiful Rainforest-themed realm. It looks like the Vanarana that you may have visited when doing the Vanarana quest chain.

Unlock Sublime Spicewood Teapot Realm
You need to purchase Nature's True Fruit to unlock this new realm.

II. Sublime Spicewood Mansion & Area

The default mansion of Sublime Spicewood is called Meditative Retreat. It's a stunning and lovely treehouse designed in the Vanarana style. It also has two floors where players can decorate with indoor furnishings. Moreover, you can move it to other areas of this mansion or other mansions after unlocking it.

Sublime Spicewood
Purchase furnishings to decorate the realm.

The mansion is often placed in the first exterior area of the realm. Then, players will complete Teapot missions to rank up and unlock further areas. Sublime Spicewood also has four areas to decorate, including:

  • Reverie Realm: Available at the start;
  • Seat of Clarity: After reaching Trust Rank level 5;
  • In Wit's Corner: After reaching Trust Rank level 7;
  • Dais of Wisdom: After reaching Trust Rank level 9.

These areas are linked to each other by small paths made from big tree branches. It looks like a dream garden with many large flowers. Besides, there is a small pond in front of the default position of the Sublime Spicewood mansion in this realm.

Sublime Spicewood Teapot Realm Funishings
Purchase Sublime Spicewood furnishings to decorate this realm in Sumeru's style.

Those who have reached the highest level of Serenitea Pot and unlocked all four areas in previous realms can unlock all these areas immediately. Then, they can start to decorate right after unlocking this new realm.

III. Tubby & Traveling Merchant

Tubby always spawns in front of the main mansion. No matter where you place your mansion, you can always find him at the door of the mansion. You can claim currency as well as purchase Sumeru's featured furnishings from Tubby. The Traveling Merchant will appear on the border of Reverie Realm and Seat of Clarity every weekend.

In addition, Genshin Impact players can also obtain furnishing blueprints from Precious Chests scattered all around Sumeru. Then, they can learn these Sumeru-style furnishings and make them in their Serenitea Pot Crafting center.

Decorate Sublime Spicewood Teapot Realm
Build your own Sumeru-style world.

This stunning realm is worth your time and realm currency. You should spend time completing the quest and currency buying the required item to unlock this new Serenitea Pot Realm.

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