Most players are using Nahida as a Dendro supporter in Bloom and Hyperbloom teams. But Nahida can also play as the main on-field DPS if you know these tips.

#1. Strength & Weakness

Firstly, you should understand the strength and weaknesses of Nahida to know how to use her as the main DPS correctly.

  • Strength

Nahida is a catalyst user. Therefore, her attacks, elemental skills, and bursts deal Elemental DMG to enemies. Besides, she has great indexes, especially her Elemental DMG. She can play the main DPS role in Nahida's Hyperboom team with those ideal stats.

Another strength of Nahida is her great Elemental Mastery. Especially, she gets an insane Elemental Mastery buff from her first passive talent after the first character ascension.

Nahida Guide
Nahida has many strong points that make her a powerful main on-field DPS.
  • Weakness

But she also has some weaknesses. Firstly, her base ATK of normal and charged attacks is not high. Therefore, it's a stupid mistake when building this status to use Nahida as the main on-field DPS. In addition, her elemental bursts do not deal DMG to opponents. It only applies a wide-range Dendro element on the battlefield to mark all enemies.

#2. How To Build Nahida DPS

Based on her strength and weaknesses, there are some tips to build Nahida as the main DPS. These tips and tricks may help you maximize the DMG and efficiency of Nahida in your team.

  • Focus on her Elemental Mastery (800-1000) first, then build other stats, such as Dendro elemental DMG, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and Energy Recharge;
  • Elemental Reactions of Nahida is the second main source of DMG that Nahida can deal to enemies as the main on-field DPS. It's highly recommended to build multi-reaction teams to make full use of Dendro marks of this character.

Keep in mind that Nahida is the strongest Dendro character now. There are many powerful Dendro elemental reactions that she can trigger better than Tighnari, Collei, and the Dendro Traveler. Therefore, she can perform well as a Dendro on-field DPS if you use her wisely.

Nahida Build
You should focus on her Elemental Mastery.

#3. Nahida Teams

Having Nahida for the main on-field DPS role, you need to choose sub-DPS or supporters for her team. To create a multi-reaction chain of Aggravate/Spread/Hyperbloom/Burgeon, you need a Hydro supporter and an Electro sub-DPS in her team.

  • Hydro recommendation: Xingqiu, Yelan, and Kokomi.
  • Electro recommendation: Yea Miko and Kuki Shinobu.
  • The fourth character in the Nahida DPS team can be an Anemo character to reduce enemies' elemental RES. Or else, Geo characters can also support Nahida in this team. For example, you can use Zhongli or Albedo to keep your team safe with their Geo shield.

Those are the most recommended teammates for Nahida DPS. But you can use other characters with the same element or ability if you do not have them.

Genshin Impact Nahida Team
Build a strong team with a powerful reaction chain.

You should use Nahida as the main on-field DPS now because her gameplay fits the current meta of the game most.

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