Nahida, also known as Kusanali is a 5-star Electro Catalyst Character in Genshin Impact. She is a highly flexible Dendro unit, able to be used in any and all Dendro teams. Players can either use Nahida for off field damage and Dendro application in pure Quicken, Burgeon, and Hyperbloom teams (when paired with an on-field DPS), or even play her as an on-field DPS herself in Nilou Bloom, pure Quicken, and Hyperbloom teams that seek to maintain Dendro aura.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete Nahida team comps guide for Genshin Impact 3.2.

Genshin Impact Nahida 1
Nahida, also known as Kusanali

1. Nahida + Nilou Bloom Team

  • Nahida + Nilou + Kokomi + Dendro Traveler

This is pretty much the perfect Bloom team comp so far, with Nilou triggering Bloom to create Bountiful Dendro cores. Nahida and Dendro Traveler enables the reaction and provide bonus Elemental Mastery to Nilou. If players manage to get C2 on Nahida, Bountiful cores would gain the ability to crit to deal even more damage.

Nilou Genshin Impact
Nilou triggering Bloom

Kokomi enables Hydro resonance for Nilou and heals the team up from Dendro core damage. A well-built Nilou would have a lot of HP and does not need much healing - players can replace Kokomi with Barbara if needed.

Dendro Traveler serves as the team's battery. While Nahida and Nilou do not rely on their Burst that much, they can definitely use a bit of ER. Collei can also fulfill the Traveler's role if you built her instead.

2. Nahida + Cyno Aggravate Team

  • Cyno + Nahida + Kuki Shinobu + Kazuha

Cyno is the main DPS of the team, dealing damage with his Burst while triggering Aggravate reactions. As he can't be switched out while his Burst is active, players need to cast everything before switching him in and Burst.

Mistakes When Using Cyno
Cyno is the main DPS

Nahida is the main Dendro enabler, applying off-field damage with her skill. Her Burst, Passive and Kazuha's passive give Cyno a huge elemental mastery bonus, which equates to more damage. Additionally, Kazuha also groups enemies together, applies crowd control, and swirls Electro to reduce enemies' Electro RES.

Kuki Shinobu gives Cyno Electro Resonance and a bit of healing. Players can replace her with Dori if needed as they pretty much serve the same role. Kazuha can't be replaced as it would reduce the overall DPS of the team greatly.

3. Nahida Main DPS Hyperbloom

  • Nahida + Yae Miko + Kazuha + Yelan

While Nahida's kit is generally more suitable for the off-field support duty, as an Archon, her stats are more than good enough to be an on-field DPS. Players can combo her with a Hydro off-field support such as Xingqiu or Yelan, alongside an Electro off-field sub DPS like Fischl or Yae. Higher constellation level for Nahida would also be useful here.

Nahida Full 3746840
on-field DPS Nahida

Nahida's attacks will trigger both Bloom/Aggravate and Hyperbloom continuously, dealing high damage. Kazuha's role in this team is the same as in the previous comp - he just provides some bonus EM and crowd control.

This kind of team is highly customizable, as long as your Nahida is well built. Kokomi/Barbara can replace the role of Hydro support while Kuki and Dori can sub in for the Electro. Kazuha can also be replaced by Sucrose.

4. Nahida Main DPS Spread

  • Nahida + Fischl + Dendro Traveler + Kuki Shinobu

This team works on the same principle as the Cyno team, with 2 Dendro and 2 Electro. However, Nahida is the main DPS in this comp, triggering Spread to deal damage with support from Fischl and Kuki Shinobu.

Yae Miko
2 Dendro and 2 Electro

Dendro Traveler is here for the extra Dendro application and Energy regeneration. He also enables Dendro Resonance for a bit more EM. Off-field Electro enablers like Fischl and Kuki are fairly flexible in this comp. Players can also use other characters like Dori or Yae, depending on what they have.

Players might need higher constellation levels when running Nahida as main DPS. Her early Constellations are impactful, particularly her C2, which shreds 30% defense when triggering Quicken reactions and allows transformative Dendro reactions to score critical hits.

Optimal build for Nahida

  • Weapons with EM or crit secondary stats and EM, DMG%, or crit passives will be Kusanali’s priority. Exact weapon rankings need to be recalculated following recent beta changes; viable options include Dreams, Kagura, Evenstar, Widsith, Solar Pearl, Sac, Mappa Mare, and Magic Guide, as well as more buffing oriented weapons.
  • Generally speaking, Kusanali should look to run EM sands, Dendro or EM goblet, and crit or EM circlet. The exact balance of stats desired depends on if she will be the highest EM team member (for her A1 buff), whether she is on field or off field, the exact rotation used, buffs, and weapon- check back in closer to release for more details. For now, off field Kusanali should look to push close to 1k EM, and then prioritize DMG% and crit, and on field Kusanali should balance EM, DMG%, and crit, except when used in Nilou Blooms teams where she should simply stack EM to the sky.

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