Looks like more and more leak for Genshin Impact Sumeru update has surfaced. Nilou, one of the characters revealed for the Sumeru patch, just has her whole kit revealed. She is a 5 star Hydro sword user.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase all Genshin Impact Nilou Leak available so far, including her skill, burst and constellation.

Genshin Impact Character Nilou
It is highly likely that Nilou would be released alongside a Dendro support who can compliment her kit.

1. Nilou Elemental Skill

The leak is revealed by leaker Uncle Lu, a fairly reliable source of information previously. Players still need to take these info with a grain of salt, as they can be changed in development.

Nilou's Elemental skill allows players to perform up to 4 Hydro slashes. Pressing the skill releases one slash, and the others can be triggered by either pressing the skill button or a normal attack. They have a similar effect but different animations.

Players need to end the combo with E in order to summon a water ring that applies Hydro constantly. This is likely to be her main support ability.

Additionally, Nilou is not holding her sword during her attacks. She might be the same as Heizou, who attacks with some kind of martial arts instead of the assigned weapon.

2. Nilou Elemental Burst

Nilou Genshin
Nilou Elemental Burst has a big AoE.

Nilou's Elemental Burst deals Hydro damage in a large area around her. Upon inflicting damage to a target, she will deal additional splash damage.

Both her elemental skill and burst have 18 seconds cooldown, which means she is likely to be just a Hydro support and not a DPS carry.

Her rotation would be the 4 hit E combo to summon the water ring, use Burst, then switch out to other characters.

3. Nilou Constellation

Only Nilou's C6 has been revealed so far.

Apparently, it removes the limit of hits for Nilou's skill, allowing her to attack as much as needed, and trigger the water ring on her second hit. Overall, similar to most C6 constellations, Nilou's C6 is powerful and can turn her into a main DPS.

However, with Nilou likely being a 5 star, players won't be able to reach that stage any time soon.

The character design of Nilou is fairly distinct, with her having horns.

4. How strong is Nilou?

Overall, from what we have seen so far, Nilou's kit is not that special. Her stats and scaling must be high in order to make her kit work, as she needs to stay on the field a bit longer than the usual support character.

Furthermore, if her specialty is only Hydro application, we already have Yelan and Xingqiu for that. This mystery might lie in the unreleased Dendro element, as Nilou's passive Talent allows Bloom seeds to Rupture immediately boosting its multipliers.

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