Cyno, the first revealed character from Sumeru, is not going to be part of the debut lineup. He is going to be released in patch 3.1 of Genshin Impact and is a 5-star Electro character.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything that has been revealed so far about Cyno, including his Elemental Skill and Burst. As these are all leaked info, fans should definitely take this with a grain of salt, as everything could change in the development process.

1. Cyno's leaked kit

Genshin Impact Cyno

Cyno Elemental Skill

Overall a generic dash ability, dealing damage to enemies and allowing Cyno to reposition himself. The fact it has a low cooldown means he should be able to regenerate energy faster.

  • Dash forward and deal damage to enemies
  • Low cooldown

Low-cost dashing also allows Cyno users to speed up exploration greatly.

Cyno Elemental Burst

His Burst is pretty much a super mode similar to that of Xiao or Kokomi, infusing his weapon with his element and modifying his skill and attacks. It is highly likely that Cyno would be a DPS character.

Energy Cost: 80, CD: 18s, Duration: 10s. E can follow Elemental Burst (Q) to extend the duration of Q to 15s.

  • Infuse his weapon with Electro.
  • Elemental Skill and Normal Attack actions are changed.
  • Range and Damage of Elemental skills are enhanced.

As Catalyst doesn't need to be infused, Cyno probably uses one of the 4 other weapon classes. His weapon is unconfirmed, however.

Apparently, his Elemental Burst can be charged using his Elemental Skill, even when the former is active.


Damage of Cyno's Elemental skill is enhanced based on his Elemental Mastery


His Constellations affect his Energy Recharge, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and Elemental Mastery.

C6 makes his Elemental Skill receive his Elemental Burst's buff and effectively removes its downtime.

2. How strong is Cyno?

Based on the above info, it is highly likely that Cyno would be a selfish DPS character who needs to stay on the field constantly to deal damage.

He is going to scale based on Elemental Mastery, which means players would likely have to run him in a reaction team. There is still too little info to go deeper, but with this patch being Sumeru and Dendro, it is highly likely that Cyno is going to combo well with the aforementioned element.

And when it comes to EM scaling, Kazuha would be the most optimal support. If you already have Kazuha C2, your Cyno main team is pretty much 50% done.

Genshin Chapter Preview
He was part of the chapter preview

3. Who is Cyno?

Cyno is a young man with tan skin, red-orange eyes, and medium-length grey hair.

He is a knowledgeable scholar from Sumeru Akademiya who seems to be a rather aloof and mysterious person, preferring to keep things clear and concise. He appears composed and confident because of his straightforward and stoic behavior.

Genshin Impact Manga Sumeru

In the Official Genshin Webtoon, in Cyno's first appearance, he comes off as cold when he first meets Amber and threatens to turn her into a pig until we learn that he is willing to help Collei with sealing her archon residue.

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