Genshin Impact 3.0 patch is pretty much an open secret at this point, with nearly all of its new content getting leaked out by the community. Continuing this trend, the main 5 star weapon of the 3.0 weapon banner has also been leaked. The bow is called Hunter's path and it is likely intended for Tighnari.

Its stats and name have been leaked previously, but its appearance has remained a secret until now. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the new Hunter's Path bow.

About Hunter's Path bow

The Hunter's Path is actually going to come out in the second weapon banner of 3.0. The first weapon banner will feature the rerun of the 5-star bow Amos' Bow and the 5-star polearm Vortex Vanquisher, alongside Ganyu and Zhongli rerun.

Overall, the bow looks pretty useful for DPS characters, as it has CRIT Rate as the substat. Apart from that, its skill gives a huge bonus to charged attacks, which seems to be in line with the leaked kit of Tighnari.

Design-wise, the bow fits the theme of Sumeru, which mainly use a plant motif.

How good is Hunter's Path?

Overall, 5-star weapons are always at least good as general stat sticks, so you can probably get away with this bow on most characters.

Hunter Path Bow
Tighnari with the Hunter's Path bow at R1


That passive ability is made for Tighnari and he will probably be the only one to get its full potential since he fires 5 charged attacks in 1 charged attack (Tighnari's bow increase every single instance of charged attack damage).

Tighnari firing his Burst.

This bow is a significant upgrade over even Amo’s Bow or Skyward Harp for Tighnari. Probably one of the biggest leaps for a 5* character + their signature weapon. I think anyone who plans to go for Tighnari should try to get Hunter’s Path if they’re able to.


Collei's kit looks more like an off-field DPS or off-field Dendro applier. So, if you want to play meta, she probably won't fire any charged attack at all. Therefore, Hunter's Path is bad on her. Personally, I'm just going to give her 4-star weapons like Stringless or Windblume Ode.

Collei Burst
Collei's Burst

Based on what we know ATK, EM, and ER are the most important stats for Collei.


I think this bow is pretty fine for Ganyu since it gives a flat dmg bonus. With an over 70k charged damage shot, the bonus charged shot dmg would be 12k so Ganyu will do around 82k on Frostflake Arrows.


Hunter's path is not that good on Childe as you don't really build EM on him, as he is usually the hydro applicator on the team. Stat-wise, this is probably still a top 3 bow for him though.

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