Genshin Impact Nilou's special dish is called Swirling Steps. This new special dish is very useful for players and easy to cook. Check out how to collect ingredients and cook this dish here.

How To Cook Nilou's Special Dish

Swirling Steps is the special dish of Nilou. Its original dish is Padisarah Pudding. You can only get this special dish when you cook Padisarah Pudding with Nilou. Players cannot get this dish when using other characters.

Genshin Impact Nilou Special Dish
Nilou's Special Dish

You need to have four ingredients to cook this dish, including two local flowers and two common cooking ingredients.

  • Padisarah ×2;
  • Sumeru Rose ×1;
  • Milk ×1;
  • Sugar ×1.

Besides, you need to use Nilou as the cook and spend 5,000 Mora to get the Padisarah Pudding recipe from Puspa Café. It's an Adventurer's Dish that helps your characters decrease Stamina consumption.

Puspa Cafe
Get the recipe from Puspa Café

Nilou's Special Dish Ingredients

Milk and Sugar are two common cooking ingredients that players can buy from General Goods Shops in every nation in Teyvat. In addition, Genshin Impact players can make sugar from Sweet flowers - a very popular plant in this game.

Padisarah and Sumeru Rose are two local plants in Sumeru. You can only pick them up in the rainforest area in this nation. Here are the best locations to pick up Sumeru's exclusive plants.

Sumeru Rose
Sumeru Rose


You can collect a lot of Padisarah from rainforests, towns, and cities in Sumeru. These flowers grow in Vanarana, Sumeru City, the Palace of Alcazarzaray, and Pardis Dhyai. Besides, you can purchase Padisarah flowers every 72 hours from NPC Jut in Sumeru City.

Sumeru Rose

Sumeru Rose grows everywhere in Sumeru rainforests. Besides, you can grow it in the Serenitea Pot Realm. Besides, it's available to collect from Expedition in Sumeru.

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