The 4-star Electro character Kuki Shinobu from Inazuma will be more useful and highly evaluated in Hyperbloom teams. Check out how to effectively use the new Shinobu Hyperbloom team in update 3.1.

I. Kuki Shinobu's Role

Kuki Shinobu is one of some old characters who become more useful after update 3.0 thanks to new Dendro elemental reactions. As an Electro character, Kuki Shinobu will trigger this powerful reaction. Moreover, she is also an efficient healer in your team. Besides, there is no Dendro healer now but you have to defeat many big enemies.

Kuki Shinobu Role
Kuki Shinobu is more useful after Update 3.0 with new Hyperbloom reactions.

Kuki Shinobu can play as an on-field or off-field sub-DPS or healer in this team. She can trigger Hyperbloom reactions with her elemental skill though she is not on the battlefield as long as you build her wisely and put her in the right team.

II. Shinobu Hyperbloom Teams

To build a Hyperbloom team in Genshin Impact, you need a Hydro and a Dendro character to team up with Shinobu.

  • Dendro characters

There are two free Dendro characters for F2P players now, including Dendro Traveler and Collei. Dendro Traveler is more highly estimated due to the longer Dendro application time. If you luckily got Tighnari from the previous banner, you will have a better option.

Dendro Traveler
The Dendro Traveler is more recommended for F2P teams.
  • Hydro characters

Genshin Impact players have a lot of options for the position of the Hydro character in this team. Xingqiu and Mona are the best options for F2P teams. Or else, you can use Yelan, Kokomi, Ayato, and Childe if you have got them.

Ayato Genshin Impact
Ayato is the best option.
  • Last position

It's better to equip another Dendro character if you use a good Hydro sub-DPS like Ayato, Childe, or Kokomi. Then, you can create more Dendro particles to trigger continual Hyperbloom reactions. Besides, the two Dendro characters can make Dendro elemental resonance to increase the Elemental Mastery for the whole team.

Another option for the last position is Kazuha or Sucrose. You should use one of these two Anemo characters if Childe, Xingqiu, or Yelan plays the Hydro sub-DPS role in your team. They help reduce the elemental resistance of enemies to increase the DMG they take.

Kazuha Genshin Impact
Kazuha can play as an Anemo sub-PDS.

III. How To Build Shinobu

You should focus on the Elemental Mastery for Kuki Shinobu in the Hyperbloom team. There are many swords that can boost this ability for her, such as Iron Sting, Freedom-Sworn, and Xiphos' Moonlight.

The best artifact set for Kuki Shinobu in this team is Gilded Dreams. A 4-piece set of Gilded Dreams will give this Electro character up to 230 Elemental Mastery points. Or else, you can mix two pieces of Wanderer's Troupe and two pieces of Gilded Dreams to get 160 extra Elemental Mastery points.

Shinobu Hyperbloom
Focus on Shinobu's Elemental Mastery.

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