Albedo is going to have a rerun banner along with Nilou in the 2nd phase of Genshin Impact 3.1. He is a really strong battery and off-field damage character that can fit in many teams. His skills boost the Elemental Mastery of the whole team.

Generally, Albedo works best in a team with another Geo character for Geo Resonance to reduce the enemy's RES and increase shield strength. Below are the top 5 best team comps for Albedo in Genshin Impact.

1) Zhongli + Gorou + Itto

This is a Mono Geo team comp with Itto as the main DPS. Zhongli is the shielder with a strong Elemental Burst. Zhongli is the best character to go with Albedo so you will see him quite a few times here. Gorou has a kit that is made just for a mono Geo team.

Overall, this team is really easy to use and it really doesn't care who the enemies are.

Albedo Team Comp 1
Albedo in the mono Geo team.

2) Zhongli + Jean + Xiao

In this comp, Zhongli and Albedo will play the support role for Xiao so he can dish out as much damage as possible. With the addition of Jean, Xiao will be able to use his Burst whenever possible while keeping his health high.

Albedo Team Comp 2
Albedo can do great job as a support for Xiao.

3) Zhongli + Hu Tao + Xingqiu

This team comp is an old one but it is still good even in Genshin Impact 3.1. The team revolves around Hu Tao, who is the main DPS of the team. Zhongli and Albedo can protect and give Hu Tao energy while her health is low. Xingqiu offers additional damage reduction while enabling Vaporize reaction for even more damage.

Albedo Team Comp 3
Albedo can also be a utility character for Hu Tao.

4) Zhongli + Kokomi + Yae Miko

This team comp consists of 4 5-star characters, which is why it is super effective and easy to use. All you have to do is use all the skills in any order and wait for the enemy to die. Meanwhile, you will be perfectly safe with both Zhongli shield and the healing from Kokomi.

Albedo Team Comp 4
An AFK team comp for lazy players.

5) Cyno + Dendro Traveler + Fischl

The new Dendro element relies heavily on Elemental Mastery and Albedo can provide that for the whole team. The main strategy is to create Quicken reaction so Cyno can deal as much damage as possible during his Burst.

Albedo Team Comp 5
Albedo can buff Elemental Mastery for new Dendro comps.

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