Genshin Impact will introduce the second phase of version 3.1 on October 14 at 06:00 PM (UTC+8). Nilou, the new 5-star Hydro sword character is going to debut here, alongside the Albedo rerun.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 3 reasons to pull for Nilou (and 3 reasons to skip her banner).

Why should you pull for Nilou?

Genshin Impact Nilou

1. Build the ultimate Bloom team

Nilou's First Ascension passive turns the Dendro cores created by the Bloom reaction into Bountiful cores, which deal more damage, explode immediately, and have a larger AoE. Her second passive also support Bountiful cores - the more HP she has, the higher the bonus damage.

She is literally designed around this reaction and would synergize super well with any Dendro support you have, such as Cyno or Collei. Nilou is also going to synergize super well with the Dendro archon Nahida, whose passive increase the damage of Dendro cores and allow them to crit.

2. Nilou is easy to build

Literally every part of Nilou's kit scales based on her MAX HP. Therefore, building artifacts for her is pretty straightforward - players only need to stack as many HP% bonus pieces as possible, which makes farming easier.

In general the best option is 2-PC Tenacity of the Milleleth for the 20 HP%, with any of the following 2-sets: 2-PC Gilded Dreams, 2-PC Heart of Depth, 2-PC Noblesse. 4-PC Deepwood Memories is also an option for the Dendro RES Shred.

Nilou Burst
The last hit of Nilou's skill will determine the effect of the whole combo.

The bloom reaction damage scales on Elemental mastery, so a bit extra EM on your would be nice (but not required). Her kit is perfect for the new Key of Khaj-Nisut weapon, which gives a massive HP% bonus.

3. Her excellent design and appearance

Nilou is a dancer, and all her attacks are dance moves. This makes the character super satisfying to play as, with everything she does being flashy and pretty.

Why should you skip Nilou?

1. Save primos for the Nahida banner

If you are a f2p/dolphin with a low reserve of primogems, it might be in your best interest to skip the Nilou banner to wait for the Dendro Archon's debut in 3.2

Nahida Full 3746840

The Dendro Archon is going to be the most powerful Dendro support and there is no replacing her. Having Nahida will unlock a number of Dendro teams that need a powerful Dendro support.

On the other hand, you can run bloom teams just fine without Nilou.

2. Nilou is hard to build teams around

Nilou's passive requires her to run a team with only Dendro and Hydro characters, with at least one of each element. Because of that, if you don't have the right characters leveled, she would be pretty much useless. Her B

As currently there are only 3 Dendro characters around, her options for support are also pretty limited.

3. You don't like Nilou's design

Self-explanatory. While Nilou's design is decent, not everyone would be a fan of her.

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