Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki has returned to Update 3.1 with the theme of Narukami Arena. Check out some tips and strategies to complete this combat challenge event easily and get 420 Primogems.

#1. Focus On Elemental Reactions & Damage

In Hyakunin Ikki events, players have to build duos to clear waves of enemies. There are some free trial characters for you. But you can also use your available characters as long as they are strong and useful.

To clear enemies quickly in Hyakunin Ikki, you should focus on powerful elemental reactions. It's better to use strong DPS characters with insane damage, such as Hu Tao, Ayaka, Eula, Xiao, Klee, and Raiden Shogun. Then, choose a supporter who can combine with them to trigger aggressive reactions.

Build The Best Team
Focus on reactions and damage

#2. Don't Focus On Healing Effect

There's no need to use the healing effect in Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki. Keep in mind that you will switch between duos very quickly. And each duo only stands on the battlefield for half a minute. Healing is not as essential as damage and elemental reactions in this game mode.

Therefore, you should aggressive supporters and DPS instead of healers. Besides, choose proper arts to boost the damage status of your team.

Choose Powerful Dps
Choose powerful DPS

#3. Check The Enemy First

Before selecting characters and special buffs, you should check the enemy first. The enemy list is available to check before starting the challenge. So, you should check which opponents to choose the best characters to counter and defeat them quickly.

For example, Ayaka, Eula, and Hu Tao are the best choice to counter large monsters. Klee, Xiao, and Ganyu are better choices to clear groups of Hilichurls or Treasure Hoarders.

Check The Enemy Details
Check the enemy details first

#4. Put The Supporter In The Front Position

A wise tip to boost your DPS is to put your supporting character in front of the main DPS in the duo. When switching to the next duo, the character in the front position will appear on the battlefield first. Then, you use the supporters before switching to the main DPS to trigger powerful elemental reactions or resonance.

Put The Supporter Before The Main Dps
Put the supporter before the main DPS.

#5. Use Challenge Skills Wisely

Genshin Impact Hyakunin Ikki challenge event gives players lots of skills to buff their duos and cleat enemy waves faster. You should use these challenge skills wisely to maximize the buffs.

  • Choose the suitable normal arts and transmission arts that fit your characters. These arts will provide your team with great crowd-controlling effects.
  •  Use Relay Skill timely to switch to other duos and use continuous elemental bursts, reactions, and resonance. Don't let your character stand on the battlefield for more than 25 seconds or their combat skills will drop drastically.
  • Ferocious Fervor will give your team a damage buff. You can increase Ferocious Fervor by building up a specific skill to a certain level.
Use Challenge Skills Properly
Use challenge skills properly

Just use these tips and strategies and see how effective they are.

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