Genshin Impact is a huge game, and Mihoyo has planned to make at least 7 countries/regions for players to explore. However, there hasn't been any info revealed about their general locations or designs... until now. An old Genshin Impact beta map has been leaked alongside the full developer notes -  and it revealed some interesting information worth analyzing.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the leaked beta map of Genshin Impact and summarize the most important parts of Teyvat's 7 nations.

Genshin Impact old Beta map

Apparently, this is multiple beta maps put on top of each other. It was assembled around January 2021, before the release of Inazuma. The developer notes come from 2019.

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Overall, the old closed beta map looks quite a bit different compared with what we get in later updates. Here is a summary of some interesting things to note:

  • The Chasm does not exist in beta maps.
  • Dragonspine used to be near Sumeru and Fontaine is right above Sumeru.
  • Onsen fanservice
  • Inazuma is a single cluster of islands (similar to Japan) instead of multiple scattered islands like what we get in the game. The general locations all seem much smaller and scrunched up together

Some more reference to locations not yet seen in the game:

  • A better look at Mondstadt and other northern territories
  • Arabalika's Fight Club in a Volcano
  • Several places like Scorched Lava Lands, Dragon Shadow City, and Sandville
  • More references to Celestia

While there is an NPC named Arabalika in Sumeru, there isn't anything related to him having a fight club in a volcano. This might come later in the Pyro nation Natlan, however. Additionally, we also haven't seen any onsen service in Inazuma.

Fontaine is going to be near a very big lake and river while Natlan and Snezhnaya would be the Scorched Lava Lands and the Snowy Mountains, respectively. Sumeru has been placed far more westward than its placement in the original Closed Beta map.

Fontaine's location and size

Thanks to new leaks from genshinBLANK, it is revealed that Fontaine lies to the north of Sumeru, where it connects to Liyue's Qiaoying Village. Ruled by the yet unnamed Hydro Archon, Fontaine values justice above all else. The Hydro Archon enforces its laws strictly, making this region one with some very harsh punishments for rulebreakers.

However, the nation also seems to prize technology and the arts. It even has a newspaper publication read all across Teyvat known as “The Steambird.” Most of the information surrounding Fontaine, however, comes from its NPCs. The country seems to be fairly advanced, with a high level of technology development compared to the rest of the Teyvat nations.

Speculative map about the location of Fontaine.

Given the size of the missing area between Liyue, Sumeru, and Mondstadt, Fontaine might be a very sizable nation. It is likely inspired by real-world France in the 1900s, based on the NPC's attire. The name of the nation is also “fountain” in French, which is fitting since it’s governed by the Hydro Archon.

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