Redcrest is a local fruit in Sumeru. You can only find this fruit in the hostile environment of the desert. Check out the best Genshin Impact Redcrest locations here.

I. How To Get Redcrest?

As Redcrest in Genshin Impact only grows in the desert of Sumeru, you need to go to the desert first. Then, find the cactus with plump red fruits. Each cactus has one or two fruits. The fruit always shrines so players can easily spot it when they get close to Redcrest.

You can also mark these Genshin Impact Redcrest locations on the minimap. Then, come back to these locations after 48 to get more Redcrest after the fruit spawns.

Redcrest Farm Routes
Redcrest Farm Routes

II. Where To Get Redcrest?

Redcrest spawns in cacti all around the desert in Sumeru. You should go to the following locations in the Sumeru desert to pick up this fruit.

  • Aaru Village
  • Dune of Carouses
  • Dune of Elusion
  • Sobek Oasis
  • Dune of Magma

You can find a lot of cacti around these towns and villages. These cacti can be found near Teleport waypoints in the wild of the desert. You cannot purchase or grow this fruit in the current version of the game.

Cactus Fruit In Sumeru
Cactus Fruits in Sumeru

III. How To Use Redcrest?

Redcrest Genshin Impact is the latest ascension material. This exclusive fruit in Sumeru can be used to ascend the new 4-star Hydro character Candace. You need a total of 168 cactus fruit to complete all six levels of ascension and upgrade her to the maximum level.

Ascend New Character
Use Redcrest to ascend new characters.

Currently, you don't need it to eat, cook food, or ascend any weapons in Genshin Impact. But there may be further characters and recipes in upcoming updates that need this fruit. Therefore, you should collect and store as many Redcrest fruits as possible.

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