Draff is one of the most renowned hunters in Genshin Impact Mondstadt. But many players do not know where to find him. Check out his location and the best time to find this hunter in this game here.

#1. Draff Genshin Impact Location

You can find two hunters Allan and Draff in Springvale village. When teleporting to this village, you can see a big and outstanding windmill in the center of Springvale where you can find them during the daytime. In the nighttime, Draff stands in front of his small house on the opposite side of the windmill.

Draff Location
Draff Location

Draff is a meat vendor in Mondstadt. This excellent hunter often catches a lot of birds and animals and sells bird eggs, fowl, and raw meat to Travelers. You can buy 10 items of Fowl, Raw Meat, and 5 bird eggs per day. Not many players know that he is also the father of Diona. That's why this Cryo archer uses the bow skillfully.

In the current Anniversary event "Of Ballads And Brews" in Mondstadt, there is a Fecund Blessings chest under Draff's location. Head to the lake under the location of Draff Genshin Impact in the daytime to collect the chest and get attractive rewards.

Draff Is Dionas Father
Draff is Diona's father.

#2. Time To Find Draff

When you need more raw meat, fowl, and bird eggs to cook delicious dishes in Genshin Impact, you should go to see Draff. But he only sells these items between 06:00 and 19:00. After 7 p.m, he only chats with Travelers for fun.

Draff is a famous NPC in Mondstadt. That's why he often appears in many important events in this nation, such as Unreconciled Stars and Of Ballads and Brews. When you ask Draff for information, he also shows you where the nearest ore is.

Fecund Blessings
Draff also appears in the event "Of Ballads And Brews".

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