Leaks for future Genshin Impact updates are being made available. Apparently, Faruzan, Yaoyao, and Baizhu are on the playable character list scheduled for a future Genshin Impact update.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the upcoming Sumeru characters.

Genshin Impact Sumeru characters release schedule

Looks like MiHoYo is going to bring some of the older Dendro characters from the previous regions into the game (Yaoyao and Baizhu). Alhaitham, on the other hand, is delayed indefinitely.

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Alhaitham, one of the most featured character in Sumeru, has been delayed for quite a bit.
  • Nahida: Version 3.2
  • Layla: Version 3.2
  • Scaramouche: Version 3.3
  • Faruzan: Version 3.3
  • Yaoyao: Version 3.4
  • Dehya: Version 3.5
  • Baizhu: Version 3.6
  • Alhaitham: Unknown
  • Kaveh: Unknown
  • Mika: Unknown

Unknown means that the particular character has no credible leak about their release date.

Version 3.3: Scaramouche and Faruzan

Scaramouche is going to join the playable roster after becoming a boss in 3.2.

Scaramouche gets a gigantic mecha

Not much has been revealed about Faruzan - it is likely that players will get more info about her in the 3.2 patch. Apparently, both Faruzan and Scaramouche are going to be Anemo. However, Faruzan is an anemo bow while Scara is a melee anemo catalyst user similar to Heizou.


Apparently, 3.4 is going to be a rerun patch and there will not be any new 5 star in it. The 4 star Dendro Yaoyao will be part of 3.4 rerun banners. She has also been leaked to be a catalyst user.


Baizhu, one of the first confirmed Dendro character in the game, will come out in 3.6.

3.2 banners

Nahida and Layla banners will be in the first phase of the update, which means players will get them on November 2, 2022. The second banner of the first wave is Yoimiya rerun. Yoimiya seems to be very unlucky with reruns, as everyone will be focusing on Nahida banner. They come with Floating Dreams, Nahida's weapon, and the Thundering Pulse bow.

Yae Miko and Childe have been leaked as 5-star characters for the second half of Version 3.2. Looks like Mihoyo really wants players to get Childe, as he has been getting a lot of reruns. The second weapon banner is Kagura's Verity and Polar Star, Yae and Childe's weapons.

It is worth noting that most of these leaks come from leaker Uncle Lu - the guy has a good track record, but there have been some false leaks before.

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