The new desert area in Sumeru has two new Shrine Of Depths. You can also get a luxurious chest from each Shrine and loot lots of rare items. Check out the location of these new Genshin Impact Sumeru Shrine Of Depths.

New Sumeru Shrine Of Depths

There are two new Shrines of Depths in the desert of Sumeru. The first one is pretty easy to find. If you use the Teleport waypoint in the south of Sobek Oasis, head southeast along the path to find the Shrine. You can also start from the Valley of Dahri and head northwest.

First Sumeru Shrine Of Depths
The first Sumeru Shrine Of Depths.

To find the second Shrine, you should go deeper into the desert. It's in The Dune of Elusion. From this location, you head northwest. But it's more difficult to find this shrine because it's located underground. You can find this place when doing the Golden Slumber quest series.

Underground Shrine Of Depths
The underground Shrine Of Depths.

Underground Shrine of Depths

You need some tricks to find the underground Sumeru Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact. Follow these steps to get to this shrine.

  • Use the nearest teleport waypoint from Khemenu Temple. Go into the room inside the temple.
  • Find a corridor on the left and look right when you are in the hallway.
  • Get close to the blue book and enter the secret room to find a hole.
  • Jump down the hole and turn left to find the exit. Find a secret tunnel and keep going along the tunnel till the end of the path.

You can see the Shrine of Depths from here. Glide or use some Four-Leaf Sigils cleverly to reach this secret Shrine of Depths. Or else, learn how to reach this secret location in the instruction video below.

Shrine Of Depths Keys

All keys to open the Shrine of Depths are available to obtain now. Check out how to get all six Shrine of Depths keys in Sumeru here.

  • Statue of the Seven Levels 2, 4, and 6;
  • Vanarana's Favor Levels 8, 18, and 28.

You need to pick up as many Dendroculi and Dendro Sigils as possible to upgrade the Statue of the Seven and Vanarana's Favor in Sumeru and obtain the key. There may be more keys in later updates of the game.

Shrine Of Depths Keys
Obtain all Shrine Of Depths Keys.

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