Shrine of Depth is a great source of material in Genshin Impact. There are four Shrine of Depth locations in four corners of the map. Check out the exact locations of these Shrines and how to get the key here.

#1. Chatrakam Cave

The first Shrine of Depth can be found in the northwest of the new region. It's in the Chatrakam Cave in the West of Vanarana. From the southeastern teleport waypoint from The Palace of Alcazarzaray, you head south a little and easily spot the Shrine of Depth.

Chatrakam Cave
The shrine in Chatrakam Cave.

#2. Port Ormos

The second Shrine of Depth is located in Port Ormos. You can find it on a hilltop in the west of this sub-region. If you have unlocked the teleport waypoint on the hilltop in Port Ormos, it's very easy for you to reach this region. Then, you can see the top of the shrine from the waypoint when facing the northeast.

Port Ormos
The location of the shrine in Port Ormos

#3. Ruins Of Dahri

You can find the Ruins of Dahri in the southwestern corner of the Sumeru map. From this place, you go a little east and find the Shrine of Depth outside the Ruins of Dahri. It's not very close to any teleport waypoint but you can unlock the Tower of Abject Pride Domain under the mountain to travel there quickly.

Ruins Of Dahri
Shrine location in Ruins Of Dahri

#4. West Of Vanarana

From the westernmost Teleport Waypoint in Vanarana, you head southeast a little. The Shrine of Depth is placed in an open area, on a yellow grass slope, next to a withered tree. This Shrine of Depth location is pretty near the western border of Sumeru.

West Of Vanarana
The shrine in Vanarana.

Bonus: Sumeru Shrine Of Depth Keys

Each Shrine Of Depth has a Luxurious loot chest with a lot of valuable rewards. You need a key to remove the shield and unlock the Shrine in Sumeru as usual. There are two main sources of the Shrine of Depth key in Sumeru, including:

  • Upgrade the Statue of the Seven in Sumeru to level 2 and level 4;
  • Upgrade the Tree of Dreams in Vanarana to level 8 and level 18.

You must find as many Dendroculus locations in Sumeru to offer to the Statue of the Seven. There are up to 108 Dendroculi in this nation.

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