Genshin Sumeru will be released soon in the next update with a lot of brand-new features. Check out Dendrograna, Withering Zones, and many new features and mechanisms in the upcoming region.

#1. Dendrograna

The power of Dendrograna is revealed in the Sumeru Adventure Journal Volume 2. Players can use this mechanism to get buff in combat or solve puzzles in Sumeru.

You can use Aimed Shot with bow users and Charged Attack with other characters to destroy or activate certain objects in this new region when bringing the Dendrograna with you. It helps players remove Dendro seals or solve puzzles in this Dendro nation.

Dendrograna is one of the most important new features in Sumeru.

#2. Withering Zone

Travelers will go through a withering zone with desolation and decay corroded by an ominous and mysterious power. Keep in mind that the location of this zone is not fixed. Travelers can encounter this zone randomly.

When your characters are in this zone, they accumulate Decay, and their Elemental and Physical RES and Max HP will decrease. If you don't leave the zone or approach Candle/Flames of Life on time, your character will die. It's like while you are in the wild of Dragonspine.

Withering Zone
Try to clear as many Withering Zones as possible.

Players can clear this zone by using the Dendrograna's power to destroy all tiny Withering Branches. Then, you need to defeat all enemies summoned by the 'Tumor of the Withering' in the center of this zone and break it.

#3. Seed Mirror

Travelers can find some tall towers in the jungles around Sumeru with special Seed Mirrors. You can use these Seed Mirrors to mark and locate Withering Zones. Then, you find and mark the observation spots to get there quickly and straight to break the 'Tumor of the Withering' rapidly.

'Tumor of the Withering' should be destroyed to stop it from creating and expanding the Withering area. It's very useful for Travelers when exploring Sumeru because you need to clear Withering areas to stay safe.

Seed Mirror
Players can use Seed Mirrors to observe Withering Zones.

#4. Stone Pillar Seals

When Traveler roams around Genshin Sumeru, your character can see some special devices called Stone Pillar Seals. You can use them to seal some big and dangerous machinery bosses. When you use Pyro attacks to hit the device, you can neutralize the energy of the pillar and make the seal and stop the machinery enemies.

Stone Pillar Seals
Make use of Stone Pillar Seals wisely.

#5. Energy Extraction Device

Another puzzle mechanism in Genshin Sumeru is the Extraction Device for Strange Energy. You can find it at Eremite Camp. You can find a nearby control key in the area to turn off the device.

During this process, some enemies are summoned to hinder the progress of the device. Players have to clear those opponents to let the device work well until it is deactivated before the time is out.

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