Go, Go, Forest Rangers! is a new exciting web event in Genshin Impact 2.8. The new character Tighnari will also make his debut in this event. Check out all anomalies you must find out in the forest here.

Anomalies In Three Forest Zones

There are three forest zones you need to carry out the patrol and find the anomalies. Each zone has three to five anomalies. Check out all anomalies in these forest zones you need to find out in Go, Go, Forest Rangers! Genshin web event.

#1. Zone 1

There are three anomalies in the first forest zone. When Tighnari, Collei, and the Forest Ranger visit the first zone, they can check out the image of the original forest that help them find the anomalies.

  • Scorched Mushroom near Tighnari;
  • Withered Flower in the center of the picture;
  • Missing Flower under the tree, in the lower right corner of the clock.
The First Forest Zone
The first forest zone

#2. Zone 2

There are four anomalies in the second forest zone. Tighnari, Collei, and the Forest Ranger will go deeper into the forest and stand in front of a lake. Here are all four anomalies you need to find out after checking the picture.

  • Missing Vine is one of the most obvious differences. You can see two vines in the picture of the original forest and only one vine in the forest with the anomaly;
  • Vine Sticking Out is the anomaly that does not appear in the picture of the original forest. It's on the left outermost side of the only vine above the lake;
  • The Withered Plants are also obvious anomalies that have a totally different appearance and color compared to the background. It's on the bigger left island, near the head of the Forest Ranger;
  • Missing Bush is the last anomaly in the bottom left corner of the screen. It's also near the left edge of the bigger front island on your left.
The Second Forest Zone
The second forest zone

#3. Zone 3

There are up to five differences in the third forest zone. All these anomalies mainly focus on the central areas of the pictures, around the only tree and the flower bush. Here are five differences in the zone.

  • Missing Dusk Bird: You can easily see a bird on the tree. But it does not appear in the forest with anomaly;
  • Withered Plants: There is a withered plant right under the tree which is visually obvious;
  • Missing Branch: There are three branches in the original forest zone while you can see only two branches in the third zone;
  • Withered Flowers: The healthy flowers at the bottom of the picture have beautiful light orange color while you can see six gray flowers between Tighnari and the Forest Ranger;
  • Missing Flower: Missing objects are often the hardest items to find. There is a missing flower above the head of the the Forest Ranger.
The Third Forest Zone
The third forest zone

Go, Go, Forest Rangers! Rewards

After completing the Go, Go, Forest Rangers! web event, participants can get a bunch of rewards, including:

  • Primogem x40;
  • Hero's Wit x3;
  • Mora x20,000;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x2.

It's very easy to complete the web event and get all these rewards with this guide. Don't miss this chance to get 40 free Primogems.

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