A Journey Through Pages is the current web event in Genshin Impact 2.8. Players can get a lot of rewards in this event, including 12o easy Primogems. Check out how to complete this web event and get all rewards.

#1. Details & Eligibility

A Journey Through Pages is a simple and exciting web event available between August 18th and 23rd, 2022. Players at Adventure Rank 10 and above are eligible to participate in this event. There are two easy ways to take part in this event, including:

  • Through the event link;
  • Click the Special Event button in the game's Paimon Menu;
A Journey Through Pages Web Event
A Journey Through Pages web event.

#2. Event Gameplay & Rule

It's very easy to play and complete the web event "A Journey Through Pages". After arriving at the site of the event and logging into the event, you click on the button 'Enter' to start your journey. On the main menu of the web event, you can check the activity point or explore the map.

Unlock 9 Encounter Pieces

Upon logging into the event, each player gets 50 points to unlock the first Encounter Piece. Then, they have to complete the following event missions to get more activity points.

  • Log into the game on your device;
  • Complete 2 daily commissions in the game;
  • Visit the official Fanpage of Genshin Impact on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.;
  • Use 40 Original Resin.

For every 50 activity points, you receive an Encounter Piece. There are nine pieces of the map. You can rotate the piece to make it fit the rest of the picture.

Event Rule
Complete event missions to unlock encounter pieces. 

Interact With Marked Objects

On each piece of the map, players can encounter one or some objects, such as Hilichurls, Anemo Slimes, bouncing Jumpty Dumpty, Guoba, Boar, Treasure Chest, Bake-Danuki, etc. There are 13 objects to encounter in Genshin Impact when you unlock all nine pieces. Therefore, some pieces of the map have more than one encounter.

When obtaining a piece of the map, you drag it into the right position in which it fits the central piece and other pieces the most. Next, click or tap on the button "Explore now" on the right of the map. Then, control the Traveler to the marked location of the encounter and interact with the object.

A Journey Through Pages
Control the Traveler to the marked location. 

Check Encounter Records

Players can also check the encounter record and claim the encounter reward after completing a piece of the map. When you share the event, you will get 10,000 Mora for the first time!

#3. Event Rewards

During the web event 'A Journey Through Pages', each participant can obtain lots of valuable rewards, including:

  • 120 Primogems;
  • 9 Hero's Wit;
  • 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore;
  • 60,ooo Mora.
Share The Event
Share the event to get more Mora.

Don't miss this easy chance to get these currencies and materials. The daily event mission will be refreshed at 4 a.m. every day. Check them out and complete all missions to get enough points and unlock all encounter pieces before it ends on the following Tuesday.

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