The Genshin Impact Evermotion Mechanical Painting puzzle is an ongoing event in Genshin Impact. Players can get a total of 420 Primogems if they can complete this event. You definetly don't want to miss this event if you are saving up for the Sumeru update.

In this event, players are required to put gears into 6 mechanical boards to make all the gears on each board move. After that, you need to put 6 boards together to make the Evermotion Mechanical Painting.

The event starts from August 12 to August 22. You can talk to Felix Yogue in Mondstadt to start the quest.

Genshin Impact Mechanical Painting Puzzle Solution
Genshin Impact Evermotion Mechanical Painting event rewards players with a total of 420 Primogems.

Genshin Impact Evermotion Mechanical Painting Guide

Here are the positions of all the gear in all 6 puzzles. You can claim the rewards for each puzzle on the event page after completing them.

Puzzle #1

  • Position 1: Medium Gear
  • Position 2: Small Gear
  • Position 4: Large Gear
  • Position 6: Medium Gear

Puzzle #2

  • Position 2: Small Gear (Lower)
  • Position 3: Medium Gear (Lower)
  • Position 6: Large Gear (Upper)
  • Position 7: Medium Gear (Upper)

Puzzle #3

  • Position 3: Small Gear (Lower)
  • Position 4: Medium Gear (Upper)
  • Position 5: Large Gear (Lower)
  • Position 6: Medium Gear (Upper)
  • Position 7: Duplex Gear

Puzzle #4

  • Position 1: Medium Gear (Lower)
  • Position 2: Medium Gear (Upper)
  • Position 3: Large Duplex Gear
  • Position 4: Large Gear (Upper)

Puzzle #5

  • Position 1: Medium Gear (Lower)
  • Position 2: Large Duplex Gear
  • Position 4: Large Gear (Upper)
  • Position 5: Duplex Gear (Flipped)

Puzzle #6

  • Position 3: Duplex Gear (Flipped)
  • Position 4: Medium Gear (Lower)
  • Position 5: Medium Gear (Lower)
  • Position 6: Large Gear
  • Position 7: Large Duplex Gear

Evermotion Mechanical Painting finale

If you have finished all 6 Puzzles, talk to Felix Yogue to access the Evermotion Mechanical Painting quest.  This is only a simple puzzle where you put 6 parts into the correct slot complete the Evermotion Mechanical Painting. Here is the answer to the puzzle.

  • Position 1: Breeze
  • Position 2: Sky
  • Position 3: Cloud
  • Position 4: Com...
  • Position 5: Lonely
  • Position 6: Mead...

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