Spiral Abyss is the current End Game content in Genshin Impact, and Floor 12 is the hardest of them all. Being able to beat it is vital, as Spiral Abyss is one of the main sources of Primogems.

Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks have revealed the whole lineup of the upcoming Spiral Abyss. In this article, Gurugamer is going to reveal everything you need to know about Genshin Impact 3.2's Spiral Abyss Floor 12.

3.2 Spiral Abyss Floor 11 lineup

Floor 11 will feature a number of enemies from Teyvat, including the new Dendro Hypostasis enemy that will be added in 3.2. It is going to be immune to Dendro damage, just like how the other Hypostases are immune to their respective element. Players need to keep this in mind while building a team for Floor 11.

Genshin 3 2 Floor 11 Chamber 1 2 And 3

Floor 11 Chamber 1:

  • First Half: Hydro, Anemo, Cryo, and Geo Specters
  • Second Half: Eremites and a Fatui Pyro Agent

Floor 11 Chamber 2:

  • First Half: Ruin Drake
  • Second Half: Fatui Cryo, Pyro, and Electro Potioneers, Nobushi Jintouban and Hitsukeban, Mirror Mage

Floor 11 Chamber 3:

  • First Half: Primordial Bathysmal Vishap
  • Second Half: Dendro Hypostasis

Players will need some a grouping character to clear the floor out faster, alongside a strong single-target DPS for the tanky boss in the two final chambers.

3.2 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 lineup

Floor 12 will have a number of tough enemies including Serpent Knights therefore it is not advisable to bring shield characters. It is best to get your best teams for the final floor as it seems to be very tough.

Floor 12 Chamber 1 2 And 3

Floor 12 Chamber 1:

  • First Half: Thundercraven Rifthound and Riftwhelp
  • Second Half: Thunder Manifestation

Floor 12 Chamber 2:

  • First Half: Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter, Shadowy Husk: Defender, Line Breaker, and Standard Bearer
  • Second Half: Frostarm Lawachurl

Floor 12 Chamber 3:

  • First Half: Aeonblight Drake
  • Second Half: Eremite Stone Enchanter and Eremite Galehunter

Fans will need some serious damage to take down all of these enemies in time to get three stars on this floor of the Abyss, but with the addition of new characters like Nahida and Layla, players should be able to clear this rotation with ease.

Genshin Impact 3.2 Spiral Abyss Ley Line Disorders

The leyline bonus is a huge boost to reaction teams and especially Dendro teams. If players have Traveler or Collei built, they might want to create a Dendro squad to beat this floor.

  • Floor 11 Ley Line: All characters gain 200 EM
  • Floor 12 Ley Line: None

On an unrelated note, many players have been disappointed at HoyoVerse's take on making new Endgame content:

"The Spiral Abyss is one of the most effective ways [for] players [to] test out their party composition and combat strength. If we design another type of permanent endgame that is similar to the Spiral Abyss, it might end up creating excessive anxiety for our players--not everyone is interested in Musk Reef."

It looks like Spiral Abyss is going to be the only endgame challenge for now.

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