Constellation is the P2W system in Genshin Impact, with multiple copies of a character unlocking higher levels of their skills and passives... and sometimes even adding a new ability. Players can rarely (if ever) max a 5-star character, as it is very hard to get their constellations.

Most of the time, they would have to play their 5-stars at C0. Therefore, in this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best C0 characters in Genshin Impact 3.0.

1. Ayaka

Ayaka has extensive potential as both Elemental and regular DPS, even at C0. She has strong build options for F2P players and is incredible at locking down enemies in a freeze team. This is why she is amongst the best c0 characters in Genshin Impact.

Kamisato Ayaka
Ayaka can pump out some huge crit numbers.

Furthermore, her dash is super fast, uses less stamina and has more invincibility frame than other dashes. This means you will have a much easier time fighting dangerous enemies. The best build for Ayaka currently is the Mistsplitter Reforged sword and the Blizzard Strayer x4 artifact set.

2. Ganyu

Not many characters in Genshin can compare to Ganyu in the ranged damage department. With her CRIT DMG ascension stat and multiple AoE skills, she can deal excellent damage even at C0. Overall, she performs mostly identically to Ayaka in Cryo team comps, freezing enemies to deal high crit damage continuously.

2560x1600 395238 Ganyu Genshin Impact 4k Pc Wallpa
Ganyu can deal massive AoE damage with her charged shots.

Ganyu’s charged attacks are different from other bow characters in the game. Her charged attacks have different levels and each level has a different damage multiplier. This is super useful against enemies with weak spots, as all bow shots against that are a guaranteed crit.

3. Arataki Itto

Being one of the most underrated characters in Genshin Impact, Itto can only work in a Geo team. However, if you have the right teammates to accompany him, the character becomes an unstoppable force amongst Genshin Impact best DPS. Itto has a high base CRIT Rate, which makes his builds much easier.

Itto Weapon
Itto can deal a massive amount of damage with his Charged attacks alone.

His abilities work really well together, with Elemental Skill taunting enemies and Elemental Burst increasing overall DPS. Itto mainly deals damage using his Charged attacks, which are enhanced by Superstrength stacks from Normal attacks and Elemental Skill.

As he has a high energy cost Burst and requires setup for his Charged attacks, players need to have at least Gorou to bring out his full potential. Albedo or Zhongli are also good additions. The best weapon for Itto is the Redhorn Stonethresher, which increases DEF alongside Normal and Charged Attack DMG.

4. Hu Tao

Hu Tao is one of the strongest damage dealers in Genshin Impact. She excels at single target damage, especially when animation canceling her Charged Attack and triggering Melt and Vaporize. It is a bit tricky to get the highest DPS out of her, as players need to keep her below 50% at all times.

Hu Tao
Hu Tao has the capability to deal insane damage at C0.

She gets a huge power spike at C1, gaining a new passive that removes the Stamina cost of her Charge Attacks.

5. Ayato

The newest Hydro character in Genshin, Ayato, is an SS tier DPS character. He can deal high single and multi-target DMG fairly reliably with his kit. Overall, Ayato is actually the only Hydro character that can deal AoE DMG over a large area for a long time.

Kamisato Ayaka Kamisato Ayato 4k 5k Hd Genshin Imp
Ayato is the first good DPS amongst Hydro characters Genshin Impact.

His Elemental Burst is probably the best part of his kit. The skill has a very long duration and can support both teammates and himself. While the energy cost of Ayato's burst is fairly high, his passive more than makes up for it.

The best part about Ayato is that his whole kit scales based on MAX HP, which makes him rather easy to build around.

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