You can complete the Fecund Blessings event in the Genshin Impact event - 'Of Ballads and Brews' very quickly. Check out all 24 Genshin Impact Fecund Blessings locations to open all chests in a few minutes.

I. Fecund Blessings Day 1

There are eight Fecund Hampers to collect each day. Eight Fecund Hampers on the first day scattered in two regions.


You can find three chests in Springvale in Phase 1.

  • Behind the stage of the Festival;
  • Next to the small lake under the windmill;
  • Inside the cart behind the last small village house on the high cliff.
Chest Locations On Day 1
Chest locations on Day 1

Mondstadt City

The five other chests in phase 1 can be found all around Mondstadt City.

  • Behind the Cat's Tail tavern;
  • Under the statue of Anemo Archon Barbatos in the Square;
  • Behind the tavern named Angel's Share;
  • On the roof of Favonius Cathedral;
  • Next to the NPC Ellin, on the training ground of Mondstadt City.
On The Cathedral Rooftop
On the cathedral's rooftop.

II. Fecund Blessings Day 2

Eight Fecund Hampers in the second phase of the Fecund Blessings events spawn in Starfell Lake and Mondstadt City.

Outside Mondstadt City

If you read the hint about the 7th and 8th chests, it's very easy to find two Fecund Hampers in the wild.

  • Next to the old and battered cart near the bank of the lake;
  • Near the Dock and Hilichurl camp.
  • On the bank of Cider Lake, near the Teleport Waypoint outside the city.
All Chest Location In Day 1
All Chest Locations On Day 2

Inside Mondstadt City

There are five chests inside the city during phase 2.

  • Top of the windmill near the Knights of Favonius headquarters;
  • In the library where Lisa works, inside the Knights of Favonius headquarters;
  • Next to some tables and chairs behind Goth Hotel;
  • Near a small gate where the NPC named Guy stands;
  • Behind the souvenir shop of Marjorie.
Climb The Windmill
Climb the windmill to get a chest.

III. Fecund Blessings Day 3

You can find eight chests in phase 3 of the event around the festival location in Springvale, Windrise, and Dawn Winery.


There are four chests to collect around Springvale. It's pretty harder to find these chests than Fecund Hampers in the two previous phases.

  • On the top of the mountain cliff behind two small houses;
  • In the festive market, behind the NPC Annette and a bulletin board;
  • On a small ledge by the only waterfall above the larger pond of the village which has a teleport waypoint;
  • Next to the cooking pot of Chef Brook.
Last Phases Chest Locations
Last phase's chest locations.


Windrise is a famous location on Mondstadt. It's also a destination in this event with two Fecund Hampers.

  • Behind the iconic tree of Windrise;
  • In the southwest of the previous chest, at the small end of the river, near a small camp.

Dawn Winery

The two final chests can be found in Dawn Winery.

  • Next to the cart at the entrance of the Winery;
  • Head sound to a small house with some grape trellises.
Under Grapevine
Under grapevine

Those are all 24 Genshin Impact Fecund Blessings locations to loot all Fecund Hampers and complete this event of Genshin Impact 3.1.

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