Aether and Lumine can resonate with the Dendro element from the Sumeru Statue of Seven now. They are recognized as the best Dendro characters in Genshin Impact now. Here are the top 5 teams to build with Dendro Aether/Lumine in this version.

#1. Aggravate Team

Dendro Travelers can play as an off-field supporter in the Aggravate team. Aether or Lumine can support an on-field Electro Physical DPS like Beidou and an off-field Electro Sub-DPS like Fischl. Then, choose an Anemo supporter like Sucrose or Kazuha to control the crowd and apply Electro and Dendro elements to enemies.

You can deal tons of DMG to enemies and take them down by consecutive Electro and Aggravate reactions. Don't forget to charge their elemental bursts and use them at the same time to produce insane damage.

The Quicken team is an ideal team for F2P players in Genshin Impact.

#2. Hyperbloom Team

Dendro Aether or Lumine can also support the Taser of Sucrose, Xingqiu, and Fischl. After the Traveler release a Dendro Core on the battlefield, you switch to Fischl and use her elemental skill, burst, and charged attacks to create Sprawling Shots and deal DMG to enemies.

Xingqiu is a good off-field Hydro supporter with his sword shield. Sucrose is responsible for driving the Elemental Reactions.

Hyperbloom Team
You can build a Hyperbloom team from 4-star characters who are free and easy to obtain. 

#3. Electro Nuke Team

You can use Yae Miko as the main DPS in the Electro Nuke team for Dendro Travelers. Bennett and Kujou Sara are two ideal supporters of this team. Players can capitalize on insane elemental reactions between Dendro and Electro. This team is very great for huge and dangerous bosses like Ruin Serpents and clear Spiral Abyss chambers.

Electro Nuke Team
Electro Nuke Team requires two Electro characters from Inazuma. 

#4. Burgeon Team

Dendro Traveler can team up with Thoma, Kokomi, and Fischl in a Burgeon team. If you need an off-field Pyro sub-DPS, Thoma can fit this role well. He can provide continuous Pyro for Lumine or Aether to create Burgeon reactions and deal tons of damage.

Kokomi can take the role of a healer in this team. Besides, the Hydro element of Kokomi and the Electro element of Fischl can also react with the Dendro core. They can deal insane damage with consecutive elemental reactions and bursts.

Burgeon Team
You can easily build a Burgeon Team from a 4-star Pyro DPS. 

#5. Bloom Team

Bloom is one of the best Dendro reactions in Genshin Impact now. Kokomi and Rosaria in this team can freeze enemies. Besides, Dendro Lumine or Aether and Collei can release Dendro Cores and react with Kokomi's Hydro element to repeatedly create Bloom reactions.

Bloom Team
The Bloom Team is also a free-to-play team for players. 

Based on the character availability, players can replace some characters with the same element for a similar or better effect. But most of them are 4-star characters who are easy to get.

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