Many Genshin Impact players have gotten the new Sumeru character Tighnari. Here are the top seven common mistakes players should avoid when using this new character.

#1. Upgrade Wrong Talents

The gameplay of Tighnari focus on Crit attacks. Therefore, players should upgrade Tighnari's normal attacks before leveling up his elemental burst. But lots of players often prioritize his burst. It's not a wise strategy.

You should upgrade his charged attack, then his elemental skill. If you have enough materials to upgrade all talents to the maximum level, just do it.

Upgrade His Charged Attack
Upgrade his charged attack.

#2. Wait for the Best Artifacts

You don't need to wait for a 4-piece artifact set of Gilded Dreams to build Tighnari. This character can still play well with some other suitable artifacts. It's a waste when you leave him in the waiting line and try to get this full artifact set before sending him to the battlefield.

Instead, players can use some suitable artifacts for other buffs and learn how to use and master Tighnari through combat first.

#3. Use Him As Main DPS

The best role of Tighnari is quick-swap DPS. You should release Tighnari elemental skill > elemental burst > three times of charged attacks before switching to the main DPS or other characters.

If you try to use Tighnari as the main DPS, the overall DMG of your team will be weaker and less flexible. Instead, let him support a strong main DPS, such as Yae Miko, Raiden Shogun, or Yelan.

Role Of Tighnari
Don't use him as the main DPS.

#4. Use Wrong Skill Combo

One of the most common mistakes when using Tighnari is using his skill combo improperly. His charged attack takes a longer time to be fully charged than Ganyu. But his elemental skill helps you solve this problem.

During the effective period of his elemental skill, Tighnari takes less time to charge his attack. Therefore, you have to release the elemental skill of this character before using three charged attacks.

#5. Underestimate Elemental Mastery

As the Spread reaction increases the damage of Tighnari, the Elemental Mastery indication is very important for this character. Moreover, this indication is also useful for his Charged Attack and Elemental Burst.

That's why you shouldn't underestimate Elemental Mastery when you build the power for this character. Don't waste your materials to build his ATK.

Focus On Elemental Mastery
Focus on Elemental Mastery.

#6. Use Him In Wrong Teams

Quicken and Spread are the two best elemental reactions that Tighnari can create now. Therefore, you should build your team based on these two elemental reactions if you want to optimize the power of this new character.

  • Quicken team: Yae Miko and Kuki Shinobu are great teammates for Tighnari in this team.
  • Spread: when you add Dendro to a Catalyze reaction, it deals bonus DMG.

#7. Unaware Of Reactions

One of the most unforgivable mistakes when using Tighnari is the ignorance of his elemental reactions. Here are three reactions you must know to use Tighnari effectively.

  • Quicken
  • Spread
  • Aggravate

You should avoid all these common mistakes to make your new Dendro character more powerful and efficient.

Tighnari Team
Build a proper team with useful elemental reactions.

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