Rukkhashava mushroom is one of the most important materials for character ascension, cooking, and crafting in Genshin Impact Sumeru. Check out the best Rukkhashava mushroom farming routes and all uses of this material here.

Rukkhashava Mushroom
Appearance of Rukkhashava mushroom

Rukkhashava Mushroom Locations

Rukkhashava is a local fungus in Sumeru. Therefore, you cannot pick it up anywhere else in Teyvat. But you can collect it in the wild of Sumeru or buy it from a local vendor. Here are the best places to collect it in the wild.

  • Mawtiyima Forest: The wet and humid forest area around the big lake in this forest is a great habitat for Rukkhashava mushrooms.
  • Vissudha Field: There are some separate clumps of Rukkhashava spreading around this field.
  • Pardis Dhyai: You can find some clumps growing on the other mountainside of Pardis Dhyai.
Best Rukkhashava Locations
Best Rukkhashava locations in the wild.

Besides, Genshin Impact players can buy five mushrooms from the NPC vendor Ashpazi in Gandharva Ville. It costs you 5,000 Mora for all five clumps. If you need more mushrooms, you can ask your friends or online players to collect Rukkhashava in their worlds.

All Uses of Rukkhashava Mushroom

Rukkhashava is a very useful material in Sumeru. You can use this mushroom for three main purposes now.

#1. Character ascension

Players who have obtained the new character Collei need to collect 168 Rukkhashava mushrooms for her full ascensions. Collei is a free character from the "Graven Innocence” event. Therefore, you should start to collect her materials now.

Genshin Impact Collei
You need this mushroom to ascend Collei.

#2. Cooking

Rukkhashava mushroom is also an important cooking ingredient in Sumeru. It's the main ingredient in many local dishes of this nation, such as:

  • Forest Watcher's Choice;
  • Mushroom Hodgepodge;
  • Potato Boat;
  • Tandoori Roast Chicken.
Rukkhashava 2
You need Rukkhashava mushrooms to cook some Sumeru local dishes.

#3. Crafting

Nilotpala Lotus and Rukkhashava are two local materials of the Dendroculus Resonance Stone. Genshin Impact players also need five Rukkhashava mushrooms to make one device. It helps players locate Dendroculus accurately.

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