Dendro Sigil is a new feature in Genshin Impact Sumeru. Players can collect these sigils and offer them at the Tree of Dreams and get tons of valuable rewards. Check out all Dendro Sigil locations and how to use it.

Dendro Sigil Locations

There are three sources of Dendro Sigils in Genshin Impact. You can only collect this Dendro precious item in Sumeru. Here're all places to get Dendro Sigils after update 3.0.

  • Statue of The Seven rewards: Players collect Dendroculous and offer than to the Statue of Seven in Sumeru. You can get dozens of sigils when upgrading the statue.
  • Loot chests in Sumeru: When you loot chests in Sumeru, you can get 1-4 Dendro Sigils when opening Normal, Exquisite, Precious, and Luxurious chests.
  • One-time domains in Sumeru: Once you complete a one-time domain in Sumeru, you will get dozens of Sigils in the reward collection. For example, players get 5 Electro sigils after completing a one-time domain in Inazuma.
Open Chests In Sumeru
Open loot chests in Sumeru to get sigils.

How To Use Dendro Sigil

Dendro Sigils can be used to offer to the Tree of Dreams. Every level of the tree requires players 35 sigils, which is more than the Sacred Sakura tree in Inazuma. But Sumeru is much larger than Inazuma, so you can loot more chests and collect more sigils.

At each level, players also get familiar rewards, such as:

  • Mora;
  • Adventure EXP;
  • Acquaint/Intertwined Fate;
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore;
  • Fragile Resin;
  • Weapon Billets;
  • Talent Ascension Materials.

There are some other featured rewards in Sumeru. It's a great source of many rare materials and items. Therefore, you shouldn't ignore this tree.

Offer Dendro Sigils
Offer Dendro Sigils to upgrade the Tree of Dreams to get rewards.

Location of the Tree of Dreams

The Tree of Dreams can be found in the North of Vanarana, Sumeru. It's pretty near the Statue of Seven in this sub-region. From the Statue, you head northeast until you reach a cave under the mountain. Players have to do The World of Aranara quest to unlock this Statue of Seven.

The location of this tree is also marked by a black symbol on the minimap. You need to climb and stand on the top of a giant orange mushroom in the cave, right under the Sacred Tree to interact with it. Next, offer the Dendro Sigils when you have enough 35 sigils to get a set of rewards.

Trees And Dreams Location
The Tree of Dreams location in Sumeru is marked on the mini-map.

How To Unlock the Tree of Dreams

To unlock the Tree of Dreams, players have to complete the quest The World of Aranara first. Then, the Trees and Dreams quest will be unlocked for you. Next, you go to the location of the Tree of Dreams marked on the map. It's inside a cave.

When entering the cave, Travelers could see Arakarman and Aravinay. Next, you only have to interact with the tree to unlock it. If you have got some sets of 35 Dendro Sigils, you can upgrade it right away.

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