Genshin Impact Sumeru is the largest unlocked nation in Teyvat now. This nation has many beautiful destinations. Check out the most breathtaking areas you must visit in Sumeru.

#1. The Akademiya

The Akademiya is the most stunning destination in Sumeru. Its unique architecture makes it the most impressive and admirable place to visit in Sumeru City. The outer architecture is very beautiful but the inner design is much more breathtaking. When you enter the Akademiya, you see a grand fountain, beautiful lights, and a glass ceiling.


#2. Palace of Alcazarzaray

The next area you must visit in Sumeru is the Palace of Alcazarzaray. Players do not go there very often because this place is not involved in many world quests, story quests, and archon quests. But you should visit this stunning palace. The breathtaking palace of Dori was designed by the excellent architect Kaveh.

Genshin Impact Palace Alcazarzaray
Palace of Alcazarzaray

#3. Pardis Dhyai

Pardis Dhyai is one of the most stunning areas you must visit. It's overflowing with Dendro because it's full of the divine. When scholars in Sumeru succeed in contacting the divine, they are bought there.

Pardis Dhyai
Pardis Dhyai

#4. The Mausoleum of King Deshret

The Scarlet King was buried in the mind-blowing Mausoleum of King Scarlet in the desert of Sumeru. This ancient tomb is inaccessible now. But you can expect a lot of amazing content that Hoyoverse will bring you in this place.

Mausoleum Of King Deshret
Mausoleum of King Deshret

#5. The Wall of Samiel

You can visit the Wall of Samiel in Caravan Ribat. There is a small beautiful town nestling in the shadow of this giant wall. This spectacular natural wall protects this town from sandstorms in the hostile desert of Sumeru.

The Wall Of Samiel
The Wall of Samiel

#6. Inside the Ruin Golem

There is a giant Ruin Golem in Devantaka Mountain. There is a mind-blowing structure inside this Ruin Golem that you can explore in the world quest Aranyaka: Part II Dream Nursery in Sumeru. You can see an impressive floristic composition inside it.

Inside The Ruin Golem
Inside the Ruin Golem

#7. Mawtimya Forest

Unique structures in Mawtimya Forest make it look like a giant mushroom forest. You can use the Four-Leaf Sigils to fly and reach the top of these mushroom-like platforms. The forest is more sparkling and magnificent during nighttime.

Mawtimya Forest
Mawtimya Forest

#8. The Tree of Dreams

Like the Sacred Sakura Tree in Inazuma, the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru is also a location that you visit very often. Players can exchange their Dendro Sigils at this sacred tree in Vanarana to receive valuable rewards and rare materials.

The Tree Of Dreams
The Tree of Dreams

#9. Vanarana

Vanarana is a secret location that is the home of Aranaras - lovely cabbage-like fairies in Dharma Forest. You can find many small houses of these adorable creatures all around Vanarana. It looks like a wonderland in Sumeru with soft and sparkly hues, vegetation, water, and beautiful songs of Aranaras.


#10. Apam Woods

Apam Woods has a glowing tree in the center area. It's raining all the time in this forest. Therefore, trees, flowers, mushrooms, and other plants grow very big in this forest. You can also find many small beetroot-shaped houses on giant tree brands.

Apam Woods
Apam Woods

Just take a trip to those locations in Genshin Impact Sumeru. This beautiful Dendro nation will make you drop your jaw.

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