Padisarah is a new local flower in Sumeru. It's an essential character material and cooking ingredient. Check out the best Genshin Impact Padisarah locations and how to use this flower here.

I. Genshin Impact Padisarah Locations

You can only pick up Padisarah flowers in the green area of Sumeru. Therefore, you cannot find it in the desert area. Here are the best locations to pick up this flower in Sumeru.

  • Real Vanarana

There are 31 Padisarah flowers in Vanarana. You can find these flowers around houses and constructions in this area. Moreover, you need to complete the Aranyaka Part II: Dream Nursery World Quest to unlock this area.

Vanarana Padisarah Location
Padisarah locations in Vanarana
  • Sumeru City

You can pick up 11 flowers around the outskirts city and in the field. The Padisarah farming route going through Sumeru City starts at the southmost and finishes at the northmost waypoint of Sumeru city.

Padisarah Genshin Impact Sumeru City
Padisarah locations in Sumeru City
  • The Palace Of Alcazarzaray

There are also 11 Padisarah flowers to collect around the Palace of Alcazarzaray. You should start at the teleport waypoint in the west of the palace. Then, follow the path to the entrance of the palace and start to pick up flowers by roaming around houses and gardens on the campus of Alcazarzaray.

Palace Of Alcazarzaray
Palace Of Alcazarzaray flower locations
  • Pardis Dhyai

You can pick up 15 Padisarah flowers in Pardis Dhyai. The northwest teleport waypoint is the starting point of the Padisarah farming route in this area. Then, you go to pick up flowers under trees, in gardens, and inside the greenhouse.

Pardis Dhyai Flower Location
Pardis Dhyai flower locations

II. Padisarah Details

There are some tips and best routes for players to pick up Padisarah flowers quickly. In addition, you need to understand this plant well.

  • Start at Teleport Waypoints or the Statue of Seven.
  • This flower will respawn after 48 real-world hours. Therefore, you should mark the location of these flowers when you find them to come back to those locations after two days.
  • Padisarah often grows in groups of two or three blue and white flowers.
  • There are 68 Padisarah flowers in the rainforest area of Sumeru.
  • You can purchase 5 Padisarah flowers every three days from the NPC Jut in Sumeru City. Each flower costs 1,000 Mora. However, you cannot grow it in the Serenitea Pot Realm.
Flowers Regrow After 48 Hours
Flowers regrow after 48 hours.

III. How To Use Padisarah

Padisarah is an essential character ascension material. Currently, you need 168 Padisarah flowers to ascend the new character Nilou. There can be more characters in Sumeru using this local plant for ascension in later updates. Moreover, you need Padisarah to cook many local dishes in Sumeru.

  • Tahchin requires one Padisarah;
  • The Biryani recipe requires one Padisarah;
  • You need one flower to cook Duel Soul;
  • Padisarah is the main ingredient in the Padisarah Pudding in Sumeru. You need two flowers to cook it.

You should collect as many Padisarah flowers as possible.

Padisarah Location In Genshin Impact
Pick up Padisarah flowers to ascend Nilou and cook local food.

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