Nilou is one of the newest additions to the Genshin Impact roster that has unusual mechanics. It’s easy to get confused between the things she has to offer and the long text of her skill descriptions. Therefore, to help players use Nilou properly, here are some mistakes people should avoid when using Nilou in Genshin Impact.

Nilou is the newest character in Genshin Impact and she impresses with her unusual mechanics. While it’s easy to confuse what she has to offer, you need to take notes of some notices in order to max this character out.

Here are some mistakes when playing Nilou.

Misuse her Elemental Skill

Nilou in Genshin Impact has a unique Elemental Skill that players can use depending on how they want her role to be. After you press Nilou’s Elemental Skill, she will enter the Pirouette state.

This is when you can use either of these effects by tapping her Normal Attack or Skill:

  • Normal Attack: Deal Sword Dance damage, Lunar Prayer effect
  • Elemental Skill: Create Whirling Steps damage, Tranquility Aura

Entering the Lunar Prayer state will let Nilou dance on the field while dealing DMG as a DPS in the team. Meanwhile, dealing the Tranquility Aura will make her a Hydro enabler. In this case, it’s best to swap her out and utilize a more offensive character.

Nilou Elemental Skill
One of the mistakes when playing Nilou is not making use of her Elemental Skill.

Unaware of Nilou’s Ascension Passives

Genshin Impact Nilou’s A1 has a lot of words, so here’s a breakdown of her ascension passive:

  1. If every character in the team is either Hydro or Dendro (and at least one Dendro or Hydro there is), Nilou’s 3rd dance will offer Golden Chalice’s Bounty effect for 30 seconds.
  2. The Golden Chalice’s Bounty turns the Dendro Cores created by Bloom into Bountiful Cores .
  3. Bountiful Cores will explode in less than a sec, unlike Dendro Cores that require 6 seconds to explode. You cannot use Bountiful Cores to trigger Burgeon or Hyperbloom.
  4. In the duration of Golden Chalice’s Bounty effect, being attacked by Dendro DMG will enhance the roster’s Elemental Mastery by 100 for 10 seconds.

Thanks to Nilou’s A4, the Bountiful Cores is the greatest in Nilou’s gameplay.

mistakes when playing nilou
For every 1k HP above 30k, the DMG dealt by these Cores is increased by 9%. Max 400%.

Not Include A Healer In The Team

Nilou’s A1 gives the team 100 Elemental Mastery any time a character gets hit by Dendro DMG. You can just stay in AoE to trigger the effect as Dendro Cores and Bountiful Cores can both deal Dendro damage as they explode.

Considering how many Cores you make with the help of Nilou, the damage will stack up and make the team lose HP. Therefore, you must either dodge the Bountiful Cores or feature a Genshin Impact healer in the roster.

How To Use Nilou
Don't forget to equip a healer with Nilou.

Underestimate Her Constellations

Although Nilou is good to use at C0, it would be one of the worst mistakes while playing Nilou to ignore her Constellations. 3 over 4 enhancements from her Constellations are worth using.

The 1st Constellation lets Nilou play a support and a DPS. Meanwhile, her C2 is the most outstanding as she will reduce opponents’ Dendro and Hydro RES, increasing your team’s DPS by a good amount.

Finally, C6 lets you play her better as a damage dealer in the game.

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