Dendro is the newest element in Genshin Impact and its release has created a huge number of new team comps. Amongst them, Bloom is probably the most popular, where Hydro characters trigger the reaction with Dendro to create Dendro cores that explode and deal damage.

However, not all Hydro characters are useful in bloom teams. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best Genshin Impact hydro characters to use in Bloom teams.

1. Nilou

Nilou's kit is pretty much hyper-specialized for teams utilizing the Bloom reaction. She needs a team with only Hydro and Dendro characters, as she doesn't benefit from other types of reactions.


Her passive talent, however, is what makes her stand out in comparison with other Hydro characters. It buffs Bloom damage massively and turns Dendro Cores into Bountiful Cores (which explode right away and deal more damage in a bigger AoE).

2. Kokomi

Overall, Kokomi has excellent healing capability, with an Elemental Skill that deals Hydro damage and heals and the same time. The AoE of her Hydro application is fairly high, which makes Kokomi an acceptable Hydro support.

Genshin Impact Sangonomiya Kokomi Wallpaper 5120x2

The core part of Kokomi's damage potential is her Elemental Burst. It deals Hydro DMG and equips her with a Ceremonial Garment that buffs all her Normal and Charged attacks, as well as her Elemental Skill damage.

After releasing her Burst, Kokomi's normal attacks would hit much harder and heal the entire party. Her healing ability can bring your team back up when needed, as Dendro cores also deal damage to friendly units.

3. Barbara

Barbara is the healer that all players get for free. All of her abilities are focused on healing and supporting only, with almost no DPS potential. At least her heals are varied, with the Elemental Skill having the potential for either burst healing or healing over time.

She is great to run as the secondary Hydro character in a bloom team. Her weak Hydro application allow the DPS Hydro to trigger bloom themselves.

Barbara Gi

Her Elemental Burst, Shining Miracle, is a strong ability that massively heals the HP of your entire party. It scales with Barbara's Max HP and is a great emergency heal. Players should always have it available before taking on difficult challenges.

Lastly, Barbara unlocks an extremely rare character ability at C6  - this allows players to automatically revive their characters. The auto-revive potential alone makes Barbara decent to bring for challenging high-level Spiral Abyss or Weekly Bosses.

4. Yelan

If players want to build a bloom team with a Dendro main DPS, Yelan is amongst the best characters to use. Her first passive, Turn Control, increases Yelan's Max HP based on the number of Elemental Types that are present in the party. This synergizes fairly well with Hydro teammates.

Best Characters To Use With Yelan Guru

Yelan's "Adapt With Ease" passive boosts the damage of the character on the field when her Elemental Burst is active, increasing Yelan's support potential. It increases the damage of the active character for up to 50%. If timed well with powerful bursts, players can deal devastating damage to enemies.

5. Xingqiu

Xingqiu is a good altenative for a Tighnari team, if you don't have Yelan. He is highly useful with a lot of utilities - Xingqiu's Skill provides DMG reduction and elemental particles while his Burst provides constant Hydro application.


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