Many players are still making mistakes when using Nahida in Genshin Impact which makes her perform under their expectations. Avoid the following mistakes and use this Dendro archon effectively.

#1. Not Focus On Her C2

The Dendro archon is the most powerful in her second constellation. In her first constellation, Nahida gets buffs for her elemental bursts when she teams up with Pyro, Electro, and Hydro characters.

But her second constellation makes Nahida the most effective and useful charger. This Dendro charger gets a 20% chance to Crit which can double the damage with Burgeon, Bloom, and Hyperbloom reactions. In addition, Nahida can help reduce 30% of enemies' DEF by using her elemental skills to mark them and trigger Quicken, Spread, or Aggravate reactions.

Nahida Build
Nahida C2 is the best.

#2. Unaware of Building Team

You can exploit Nahida's elemental bursts more if you know how to build her team. This Dendro character can get benefit from Pyro, Hydro, or Electro characters in her team. In specific:

  • Get a DMG bonus of 26.8-40.2% from Tri-Karma Purification if she teams up with 1-2 Pyro characters;
  • Her Burst duration extends by 6-9 seconds when she has 1-2 Hydro teammates;
  • The interval between Tri-Karma Purification triggers decreases by 0.5-0.7 seconds when you use 1-2 Electro characters in her team.

#3. Unaware of Passive Buff

Nahida's passive talents give her huge buffs, especially the passive talent activated after the first ascension. It gives her an insane Elemental Mastery buff based on her highest EM. With a 25% EM bonus, it's an insane buff for her team. But the maximum EM buff she can get is 250. If you don't know this buff, you may choose the wrong gears when you build Nahida and use the wrong role for her.

Know Her Talents
Know her talents

#4. Only Focus on EM

Nahida can get an insane chance to Crit from her Elemental Mastery status. Therefore, it's one of the most common mistakes when players often focus on this status only. Instead of using all gears for Elemental Master only, you should balance the Elemental DMG bonus, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and Element Mastery stats.

#5. Cannot Trigger Seed of Skandha

Nahida will apply the Seed of Skandha effect to enemies to link them and create a chain of DMG after triggering Tri-Karma Purification. But lots of players do not know how to trigger this effect and mark enemies. Keep in mind that you cannot use physical attacks to trigger the Tri-Karma Purification effect.

Seed Of Skandha
Learn to use Seed of Skandha

#6. Focus on ATK Only

Nahida still benefits from ATK, but you shouldn't overestimate and focus on this status. ATK is not as essential and useful as EM, Crit rate, and Elemental DMG bonus. Therefore, the high base DMG of her signature weapon "A Thousand Floating Dreams" is enough. Choose artifacts with EM status instead of focusing on ATK.

Learn some tips from these mistakes to optimize the power of Genshin Impact Nahida. This is the most powerful Dendro character in the game now.

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