Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis is a new boss in Update 3.2. You need its drops to ascend the new character Nahida and many other characters in the future. Check out its locations and some tips to defeat this new boss here.

Learn How To Defeat Dendro Hypostasis
Learn how to defeat Dendro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact.

I. Dendro Hypostasis Location

You can find Dendro Hypostasis in Sumeru's desert. It's also called Zayin. From the Teleport Waypoint in the south of Dar al-Shifa, you go southeast until you find a large cave under the waypoint. Glide down and follow the underground path to arrive at the arena of this boss.

It's pretty easy to reach this boss when you can use the Teleport Waypoint. To make it faster to return to this arena, Genshin Impact players can place a Portable Waypoint right on the edge of the area to come back and defeat it until they run out of Resins.

Go To The Location Of Dendro Hypostasis
Go to the location of Dendro Hypostasis.

II. Tips To Defeat Dendro Hypostasis

Genshin Impact players need a lot of Quelled Creepers and Dendro Gems to ascend Nahida. But large bosses of the Hypostasis family are often annoying. Fortunately, players can use some tips to defeat Zayin quickly.

Firstly, you must use aggressive elemental attacks to the core of the Hypostasis between its attack. Especially, players are highly recommended to use Electro, Pyro, Hydro, and Cryo elemental skills and burst continuously to attack its core.

Attack Restorative Piths With Dendro Elemental Att
Attack Restorative Piths with Dendro elemental attacks.

The key strategy to defeat Dendro Hypostasis is destroying its sources of energy during its Restoration Mode. It will summon three Restorative Piths in the area to recharge its HP. Players have to use Dendro elemental skills and bursts continuously to destroy these pith as quickly as possible. Otherwise, half of the boss's HP will be restored.

III. Best Characters To Counter

There are many teams that you can build to defeat Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis. But your team must have at least one Dendro character to destroy its Restorative Piths. There are two most preferred teams to counter this boss, including:

  • Quicken Team: Yea Miko, Fischl, Tignari, and Zhongli.
  • Burning Team: Yoimiya, Thoma, Tignari, and Fischl.
Use At Least One Dendro Character
Use at least one Dendro character in your team to defeat this boss.

You can also build your own team based on your character availability provided that you recruit a Dendro character. Here are the most recommended characters for each role in your team.

  • Main DPS: Cyno, Hu Tao, Nahida, Yoimiya, Diluc, Keqing;
  • Sub DPS: Yea Miko, Tighnari, Raiden Shogun, Klee, Fischl, Xiangling;
  • Support: Collei, Dendro Traveler, Thoma, Bennett, Zhongli.

If you don't have many expensive 5-star characters, you can also build a F2P team with four totally-free characters, including Xiangling, Lisa, Collei, and the Dendro Traveler. It would be better to have two Dendro characters to switch between them and use their elemental skills/bursts continually during the Restoration Mode of this boss.

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