The latest news Cognosphere will replace miHoYo in publishing Genshin Impact in the Epic Games is stirring the Internet as no official announcement has been made so far. After the big success of the game in both the market and game awards, miHoYo suddenly changed the name of the game publisher. Check out the reason why miHoYo change the publisher name to Cognosphere Genshin Impact and some details about this company.

I. Why MiHoYo Transfers Publishing Right To Cognosphere

Genshin Impact communities are discussing one of the biggest changes in the name of the publisher now. In specific, Cognosphere will replace miHoYo to publish this mobile game. The sudden change left a lot of players curious and confused. It's easily seen when surfing HoYoLab today.

Cognosphere Transition
The Cognosphere transition is making a lot of Genshin Impact players panic and curious now.

The main reason for this change is still disclosed by miHoYo. The original game publisher only announced that Cognosphere would replace it to publish the game in the Epic Games. But players discussed and pointed out some possible reasons for this transfer.

The most convincing reason for the Cognosphere Genshin Impact transition is censorship. miHoYo is a Chinese game company, so it has to strictly follow the regulations of game publishing in this country. Recently, the government of the nation issued a ban on 'effeminate' male characters in all cultural products, including games. This movement clearly limits the design of Genshin male characters and goes against the preference of most audience.

Cognosphere Genshin Impact
But you should not be confused because this change will not affect the content of the game.

By transferring the game to a publisher in Singapore, it will help the game pass the strict censorship and maintain the current content. Some feminine-looking male characters like Venti and Xingqiu won't be changed or removed. So, you shouldn't be panic about this transition. It's only a response of miHoYo to the censorship in China.

Chinese Restriction
Some male characters in Genshin Impact may get in trouble due to the restriction on feminine-looking male characters.

II. Details Of Cognosphere Pte Ltd

A lot of players are worrying that the game content may change after the alteration of Genshin Impact ownership. In fact, miHoYo did not sell the game to Cognosphere. This publishing label is a brand of miHoYo itself with the headquarter in Singapore.

Tears Of Themis
miHoYo also implemented this transition for the upcoming game - Tears of Themis.

Not only Genshin Impact but many other games of miHoYo have also got this change, such as Tears of Themis - an upcoming mobile game of miHoYo. Honkai Impact 3rd can be an exception because this game does not have any feminine-looking male characters who may commit the restriction.

According to reliable business directory, Cognosphere Pte Ltd was founded and incorporated in 2021. It's working in computer systems design and related services.

This company has 30 employees, and based at C/o Singapore FOZL Group Pte Ltd 6 Raffles Quay Singapore.

New Game Of Mihoyo
Cognosphere Pte Ltd is a brand of miHoYo headquartered in Singapore.

III. Who Is The Creator Of Genshin Impact?

Although from now on, you will see the name of Cognosphere in the publisher name, miHoYo is still the main and only developer of Genshin Impact. The original publisher also promised that the quality work in their publishing department will stay the same.

New Publisher
This transfer is only a response to the new restriction of the Chinese government.

The creator and owner of Genshin Impact - miHoYo - is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It was founded on Feb 13th, 2012. It has another brand company in Chiyoda, Japan. In fact, miHoYo net worth is estimated at $249 million, but this figure will soon be updated after the business records a whopping $2 billion revenue this year.

Genshin Impact is one of seven mobile games that miHoYo has been publishing, including:

  • FlyMe2theMoon (2011);
  • Zombiegal Kawaii (2012);
  • Honkai Academy 2 (2014);
  • Honkai Impact 3rd (2016);
  • Tears of Themis (2020);
  • Genshin Impact (2020);
  • Honkai: Star Rail(2021).

Among all miHoYo games, Genshin Impact is the most successful title up to now with impressive revenue and many game awards. This excellent game just won Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2021 as well as leading the chart of Mobile Games ranking 2021 in terms of grossing so far.

Genshin Impact Best Mobile Game
Genshin Impact has won the title for the Best Mobile Game of 2021.

Apart from games, miHoYo also published many comics and a cartoon. Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Project are two comics of miHoYo. These duo are also supposedly the outlines of the two most famous game titles of this company: Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact.

Those are everything you need to know about the Cognosphere Genshin Impact transition. This transfer is only a response to the new restriction of the Chinese government over the cultural products of miHoYo.

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