Genshin Impact 50/50 Pity System is a very important mechanic in the game that many players overlooked. Obtaining characters through the gacha system can be frustrated if you have bad luck.

This is a system implemented by the dev so no players will get screwed over by bad luck too hard while trying to obtain their desired character. If you know how to manage this system, you will be able to make the most out of it and get the 5-star character you want.

In this article, we will explain to you how the 50/50 Pity system works in Genshin Impact.

1. Genshin Impact 50/50 Pity System Explained

Genshin Impact Pity System
Understand the Pity system in Genshin Impact to get the character you want.

What is 50/50 pity in Genshin Impact?

There are two types of pity you need to understand in Genshin 50/50 system.

First Pity

If you haven't rolled a 5-star item in one banner for 89 rolls then the next roll will be guaranteed to get you a 5-star item. Now there are a few scenarios:

  • Standard Banner: You can get a random 5-star item but it cannot be one of the advertised "limited" items such as Venti, Klee, Zhongli, etc...
  • Rate Up/ Limited Banner: You have a 50% chance to get advertised/limited character and a 50% chance to get a random 5-star item like in the Standard Banner.
  • Keqing is the first non-limited character to have her own character. This means Keqing is available in both pools.

Second Pity

If you failed to get the advertised/limited character then you will be here. When you rolled a 5-star again in the same banner then you will definitely get the advertised/limited character of the banner. That means you are guaranteed to get an advertised/limited character after at most 180 rolls.

Hu Tao Genshin Impact
You are guaranteed to get the featured item with the second pity.

Soft Pity

If you haven't rolled a 5-star item in 75 rolls then your chance to get a 5-star item will be increased significantly. If you are not too unlucky, then you will likely get a 5-star item in the next couple of rolls (not guaranteed).

Pity reset

After you get any 5-star items, the roll count in the Pity system will reset to 0. The Pity counter of each banner is counted separately. For example, if you rolled 89 times in the Standard banner and then get a 5-star item in an advertised/limited Banner, you will still get a 5 item in the Standard banner in the next roll.

Genshin Impact Pity System
The Pity count of each banner in Genshin Impact is separated.

Pity carryover

Since Rate Up/ Limited Banner has a time limit so you won't be able to get a 5-star item before they disappear. So when a Rate Up/ Limited Banner ends, its pity count will transfer to the next banner of the same type.

Example: You rolled in an Albedo banner and your first 5-star item is not Albedo. You then rolled 60 times more and haven't gotten the 2nd 5-star item yet and then the banner ends. Let's say the next banner is the Hu Tao banner. That means you only need at most 30 more rolls to 100% get Hu Tao because of your first failed 50/50 and 60 failed rolls in the last banner.

4-star Pity

In every banner, you are guaranteed to get at least a 4-star item or above every 10 rolls. This Pity system works when you use a single roll. Whenever you get a 4-star item or above, the count will reset.

2. Is there a 50/50 on the Weapon Banner?

Weapon Banner Genshin
Weapon Banner in Genshin Impact also has a Pity system.

Yes, the Genshin Impact 50/50 Pity System applies for Weapon Banner. It works mostly the same but there are some minor differences:

  • The max Pity count is 80 instead of 90.
  • The Soft Pity threshold is somewhere between 65 and 75 rolls.
  • The Pity chance to get the featured item of the Weapon Banner is 75%.
  • The Weapon Banner always features 2 5-star items so you have a 37.5% chance to get either of them.

Also, a recent update added a new Empitomized Path mechanic. Basically, you can choose a featured 5-star weapon you want and Chart Course. Whenever you get a 5-star weapon that is not the one you chose, you gain 1 Fate Point. After you gain 2 Fate Points, you will 100% get the 5-star weapon you choose the next time.

3. Quick Summary

Now, that is everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact 50/50 Pity System. Here are the main points:

  • You need at most 90 rolls (80 rolls for Weapon Banner) to get a 5-star item. This number resets whenever you get a 5-star item.
  • Each banner has a separated Pity count toward 90 (80) rolls.
  • When you get a 5-star item in Rate Up/ Limited Banner, that item has 50% for you to be the featured item and a 50% chance to be a non-limited item.
  • If your previous 5-star item is not a featured item then the next 5-star item of that same banner type will be the featured items even if a new banner shows up.
  • You get a significant rate increase to get 5-star items after 75 rolls.

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