Genshin banner sales tell you which characters are most preferred in Genshin Impact. Check out the Genshin banner profit chart to know which banner is the most successful and which character is most wished in this game.

Highest Revenue Character
Baal's banner is on the top position in the chart of Genshin iOS Revenue in the China Market.

I. Genshin Banner Sold The Most

The statistics are provided by The statistics are only updated till the current Albedo Rerun banner today. It may change in the next banner. Genshin Impact has released 22 banners, including 7 Rerun Banners.

Each Genshin Impact character banner includes a 5-star character and three 4-star characters. Most banners launch new 5-star characters while Rerun banners give Genshin Impact players second chances to get some certain characters if they missed them in their first banner.

Character Revenue Up To Albedo Rerun
Check out the most preferred character from the game's launch up to the Albedo Rerun wish event.

Here are some outstanding Genshin banner sales with the highest revenue.

#1. The Raiden Shogun Banner Sales

Genshin Impact Banner Sales Baal is the most successful character banner up to now. According to the latest updated chart of, the banner of the Raiden Shogun is still in the leading position of the Genshin Impact Characters Revenue Chart from the game's launch in China market.

In specific, the iOS revenue of the Baal banner in China is up to $33,020,905. It's much higher than the Venti banner revenue in the second position. Hu Tao Rerun banner and the Klee banner follow in the third and fourth positions respectively.

Baal Banner
The banner of Raiden Shogun is the most successful wish banner in Genshin Impact.

Obviously, Genshin Impact players tend to pay money for DPS characters. It's because bosses are more powerful and dangerous after updates and the world level is increased.

#2. Venti Banner Revenue

The second-best banner sale is Venti's first banner. Venti banner revenue brought miHoYo $30,632,752 in the first banner and $16,614,209 in the Rerun banner. The Anemo Archon is a powerful sub-DPS character. He is also preferred because of his interesting story.

Venti Banner
Venti is the second-most wished character in Genshin Impact up to now.

#3. Hu Tao Rerun Banner

Although the first run of Hu Tao was not very successful, her rerun banner was one of the best banner sales in Genshin Impact. It brought the game publisher $12,481,634 in the first run and $25,226,952 in the rerun banner. Clearly, she is more preferred after updates.

Hu Tao Rerun Banner
Hu Tao Rerun Banner was a big success because of her damage buff after updates.

II. Worst Genshin Banner Sales

While some banners are very successful, many banners flop in their first run. Here are some worst banner sales in Genshin Impact, including both first-run and rerun banners.

#1. Kokomi Banner Sale

Genshin banner sales Kokomi is the lowest banner sales in Genshin impact, excluding the Rerun banner. In specific, her iOS revenue in China market was only USD $7,020,975.

It seems that Genshin Impact players do not prefer this Hydro character. It may be because Hydro characters are not powerful. They are only good for healer and supporter roles.

Kokomi is the less wished 5-star character in Genshin Impact.

#2. Klee Rerun Banner Sales

Although the first-run banner of Klee was a big success with a high revenue of USD $22,750,080, the Rerun banner of this character flopped a lot with only $7,006,180 profit only.

Klee Genshin Impact
Klee Rerun banner is one of the worst banner sales up to now.

#3. Childe Banner Sales

Childe is the only character with two Rerun banners up to now. In specific:

  • His first banner was available between Nov 11th and Nov 30th in 2020. Genshin banner sales Childe reached USD $13,443,619 on the iOS platform in China market.
  • The first Rerun banner of Childe was available between April 7th and 27th this year. Its revenue was only USD $6,965,445 on the iOS platform in China market. It's also the lowest revenue of all banners from the game's launch.
  • The second banner of Childe was available between Oct 13th and Nov 2rd this year. Its revenue is a bit higher than the first Rerun. Its iOS revenue in China reaches $7,785,438.

It seems that the two Rerun banners of Tartaglia were not as successful as the Hu Tao Rerun banner. While the latter ranks third in the list of Genshin most-sold banners, the former failed twice to reach the same effect.

Childe Has Up To Two Rerun Bammers
Childe has up to two rerun banners in 2021 after his first banner last year.

III. How Genshin Banner Sales Are Calculated

The Genshin Impact banner sales are calculated by the total spending of players on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store during the active time of the banner.

The top three character revenue in Genshin Impact, excluding Rerun banners are:

Genshin Impact Pyro Characters
Genshin Impact players often prefer offensive elements, such as Pyro, Cryo, and Electro.

Hu Tao is more preferred in her Rerun banner after players see how powerful this Pyro DPS is. From the chart of Genshin Banner sales, it's easy to point out the most favorite characters and elements in Genshin Impact. For example:

  • Genshin Impact players invest more in DPS banners, such as Hu Tao, Baal, Klee, Venti, Ayaka, and Zhongli.
  • Pyro and Cryo characters are more preferred. Characters with these elements are often good for carrying the team because Pyro and Cryo elements are offensive elements.
  • Genshin Impact players give priority to Archon characters, such as the Electro Archon Baal, the Geo Archon Zhongli, and the Anemo Archon Venti. So, the Pyro archon Murata is highly anticipated to come in an upcoming banner.

Those are the latest updated statistics of Genshin Banner sales up to now. The rank in this chart can be changed in the future when more characters are introduced in new banners or some favorite characters are re-introduced in rerun banners.

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