Genshin Impact Yashiori Island is a location in the Inazuma region. Here in this article, we will show you how the history of Yashiori island, how to get to Yashiori island in Genshin Impact, a list of quests, and how to get the secret achievements.

1. What happened to Yashiori island?

The Yashiori island is kind of a special location in Genshin Impact. The endless Yashiori island rain and thunderstorm might leave you wondering what happened to this place. About 2 thousand years ago, Yashiori island was attacked by an ancient god called Watatsumi Omikami Orobashi no Mikoto. This is also the God who created the beautiful Watatsumi Island.

The attack caused the island to have a high concentration of Tatarigami energy. Thus the island is in constant rain and thunderstorm.

Yashiori Island
Yashiori island was attacked by an ancient god called Yashiori island.

2. How to get to Yashiori island in Genshin Impact

First, you need to reach adventure level 30 or higher. After completing the Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves archon quest, you will unlock The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia archon quest.

After you finish the Ritou Escape Plan, which is the 3rd part of the The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia archon quest, you will unlock Yashiori island and the whole Inazuma area.

3. Guide to Genshin Impact Yashiori island quest

Below is the Yashiori Island quest list and how to complete these missions.

Orobashi's Legacy

You need to talk to Kaji in Fort Fujitou in Inazuma's Yashiori Island to start the quest. This quest is split into a total of 6 parts. Completing each part will clear up the Tatarigami curse in its respective area.

You will unlock Formation Estate when you complete Part III of the quest.

Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away

Find Chouji on the southern edge of Jakotsu Mine to get this quest. The quest starts with gathering 12 chunks of Crystal Marrows and obtain the treasure.

Talk to Chouji, rest from 11:00 to 14:00, and talk to Chouji again. Next, you need to find chunks of Crystal Marrow and go to Chouji's home to learn how to make Imported Poultry.

Share the dish with Chouji to find out about his problem and investigate the shrines to solve it.

Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away
Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away world quest starting location.

Fate of A Fighter

This quest is unlocked after the Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow archon quest. You can start this quest by going to shipwreck in Nazuchi Beach.

First, you need to defeat some Nobushi: Jintouban and  Kairagi: Dancing Thunder to save the besieged samurai. Talk to him and clear out the pirate camp.

After that, go talk to Inaba Kyuuzou and gather 12 Naku Weeds. At 10:00 – 12:00 the next day, go talk to Inaba Kyuuzou.

Fate Of A Fighter
Fate of A Fighter quest

Treatment on the Island

You can start this Yashiori Island quest by talking to Yasumoto in the northwest of the Statue of The Seven in Higi Village. You need to gather 12 Naku Weeds for Yasumoto.

Wait until 18:00 - 21:00 the next day then talk to him again. You will then have to protect him from waves of monsters.

Treatment On The Island
Protect Yasumoto from monsters.

Sinister Instruction

This quest will start after you complete Washizu's Prayers. Defeat the maddened samurai and find the Washizu's lost possessions in Higi Village. You can find it in the northwest of Higi Village's central tree behind 2 houses next to a cliff.

World Quest Sinister Instruction
You need to defeat the maddened samurai first.

4. Genshin Impact Yashiori island Secret Achievement

There is a total of 2 hidden Achievements on Yashiori island. Complete these hidden Achievements will earn you multiple treasure chests.

Rise and Shrine Achievement

You can get the Rise and Shrine secret achievement by looking for the locations of all shrines on the island. There is a total of 5 Yashiori island shrines and you need to interact with them and go through all the dialogues.

Here are the locations of all Yashiori island shrines:

  • Shrine 1: The first shrine is located in Higi Village. You can find it on the left of the dirt path upon entering the village.
  • Shrine 2: Fast travel to the waypoint near the Maguu Kenki boss. Jump off the cliff nearby and you should see the shrine
  • Shrine 3: The third shrine is also nearby. It is right under the cliff on the west of the waypoint above.
  • Shrine 4: The fourth shrine is at the west of the Maguu Kenki boss. You will find it next to a stone pillar with a samurai miniboss.
  • Shrine 5: From the fourth shrine, head south until you see an electro barrier on the right. You can summon Electrogranum to break the barrier to reach the last shrine.
Rise And Shine Genshin
The locations of the 5 Yashiori island shrines to complete the Rise and Shrine Achievement.

A Doctor's Odyssey Achievement

After completing Treatment on the Island World Quest, you will be able to interact with Yasumoto's basket. You can find the basket near a house near the giant bones of the Serpent in Yashiroi Island.

A Doctors Odyssey 1
You can find Yasumoto's basket in front of a house near the giant bones of the Serpent in Yashiori Island.

Put 12 Naku Weed in the basket. Come back after 24 hours (real-time) and you will find a treasure chest. Put 12 Naku Weeds in the basket again. After 24 hours (real-time), there will be another treasure chest but the basket will be full. Now you have to find 3 Pharmacist's Notebooks to find out what happened to Yasumoto.

Here are the locations of 3 Pharmacist's Notebooks:

  • The first notebook can be found on top of crates near the beach on the north.
  • The second notebook can be found next to the dirt road to the west of Fort Fufitou.
  • The third notebook can be found underneath a tree near the broken bridge.
A Doctors Odyssey
The locations of all the notebooks to complete the A Doctor's Odyssey Achievement.

After obtaining all 3 notebooks, you will be able to complete the Doctor's Odyssey Achievement. You can find the final treasure chest on a shore near Jakotsu Mine.

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